Married At First Sight Ep 17 Recap: The Angry Bride!

Monday nights episode of Married At First Sight gave us some more drama with farmer Sean disgusted by the men’s insults of Cheryl!

“I find it quite disappointing the way they were speaking about Cheryl and just degrading her. I was quite pissed off. I woke up this morning and spoke to Susan and thought it best to let Cheryl know”, he says.

Sean then speaks with Cheryl over a cup of coffee, explaining what had occurred during ‘guy night’.

“It was just a ‘bag out Cheryl’ session and it was all about you all night and it was just crap. It was disgusting the way that they were carrying on,” Sean tells Cheryl.

Cheryl’s angry face.

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Psychologist John Aiken gets involved and speaks with Andrew and Cheryl about what happened on their guys’ and girls’ night.

“I did overhear there were a few things at the boys night that were said,” Cheryl tells John.

“A couple got upset and said to me it was disgusting, he didn’t really go into detail, he said ‘you’ll find out anyway.’”

This is just getting juicy! But wait, Andrew quickly jumps in to defend himself..

“The night’s a bit hazy, we were drinking a fair bit … I honestly can’t remember. I talk a lot, I ramble, I’m a joker. If I said anything it would have been me joking around”, he explains.

John then proposes the couple move back in together to mend the pieces. Will that really work though?

Caaaaaan you feel the loooooooooove tonight?

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Anyway, Anthony and our favourite Nadia are hanging out with her entire family and Nadia’s sister asks if they’ve had any doubts about their relationship. Uhhh yeah!

“We have a really nice synergy and connection”, Nadia replies. Anthony soon responds.

“Nah, there’s been moments where we’ve both questioned it. She mentioned a few times that I didn’t choose her — all girls want to be chosen and desired,” he says.

And thus, Nadia’s sisters face says it all..

Nadia’s sister is busily planning to help her with a jailbreak.

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Until next time fairies!

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