Married At First Sight Ep 16 Recap: Everyone wants out!

Sunday night’s Married At First Sight was yet another shocker..

Anthony accused partner Nadia of being ‘frigid’ in the last episode, and he said it again!

“I mentioned that Nadia was frigid, for lack of a better term”, he said.

Of course, she still loves him. WHAT ARE YOU DOING NADIA!

Anyway, Michelle reveals she has been close to walking out a few times, and is struggling to make things work with Jesse.

Then she calls him ‘amazing’ and says he’s ‘going to make someone very happy someday’. We think we know where this is going!

You can literally pinpoint the moment his heart breaks.
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Remember ‘just friends’ couple Susan and Sean? Well they decided to stay together even though none of them will ever move in together.
Sean mentions that Susan has ‘good qualities’ and is ‘learning so much’.. Yes, we don’t understand it too.
At this stage, it seems Nick and Sharon will most probably end up married for real.

Let us not forget Cheryl and Andrew who are both hoping for another breakup!

We know Andrew has already moved out and said ‘it’s really good to have a break from Cheryl’. And she seems to be extremely positive.

“Andrew and I are committed. We really get along well.”, Cheryl explains to the psychologists.

We know she DOES like Andrew but it looks like he wants to get the hell out of there. Probably because Cheryl’s angry father is ready to kill him!

Everyone’s thrilled by the news.

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