MAFS: Charlene Rips Into Dean After Degrading “Wife Swap” Comments

Married At First Sight has given us plenty of explosive moments in the past, especially around the boy’s night (who could forget last season’s villain, Andrew’s, comments about second-wife Cheryl). Of course, with this season’s misogynistic villain Dean in the mix, we expected nothing less than an episode of misguided, foot-in-mouth bile spilling out of his, and his minions’, mouths.

By minions, we mean Troy and Justin, who came across as Tweedledum and Tweedledee as they joined in on Dean’s enthusiastic wife-swap conversation (did no one bother to tell Dean he’s on the wrong show?).

Dean continued his downward spiral by asking the boys whether anyone else had had a “crack” at any of the other women on the show, referencing his affair with Davina. Troy, in what we assume was an attempt to bond with “cool guy” Dean, asked the question of “wife-swapping,” eliciting an unimpressed response from sweetheart Patrick while Dean was quick to answer, choosing Carly based “soley on looks” while her partner, Justin, said he saw Carly like a little sister and that she had admitted to wanting Dean. Why? WHO KNOWS.

In a cutaway, John admitted his discomfort, saying it was “disrespectful to talk about people’s wives,” which Patrick saying the same, while Telv jumped to Carly’s defence, telling Justin “not to say that shit.”

Dean then added more fuel to the fire by asking, “What about Tracey, guys? She’s hot! Can someone just say they want to bang Tracey, please!”

While he encouraged a wife swap, Telv said he thought he “had the best wife” with John agreeing about himself. Dean then asked whether any of the wives’ mums were hot and when Troy answered yes about Ashley’s mum, Nasser and Patrick were quick to pounce, with Nasser shouting “what difference does it make?” and Troy looking like a schoolboy in trouble.

Of course, the drama extended to the dinner party and Charlene “let loose on Dean” and we’re were cheering from our living rooms.

When confronting Dean over whether he asked if anyone wanted “a go” with Tracey, he tried to deny it, completely forgetting how reality television actually works.

When he tried to turn the tables and suggest that wife-swapping wasn’t degrading to women, Charlene went in, mocking him by shouting, “Oh poor Dean. It’s always poor Dean!”

John Aiken then said everything we were thinking, that “the guys don’t really get it that Charlene is saying you can’t talk about women as commodities.”

Tracey was once again in denial over Dean’s true attentions, while Charlene wasn’t having a bar of Dean’s apparent support of “gender equality,” saying that he has been “a feminist” his whole life but that he is “also a man. [He] doesn’t apologise for being a man.” Seriously.

On a day like International Women’s Day, we can’t applaud Charlene enough for standing up to Dean and his delusions, and we have to agree with her when she says, “when you’re trading women like commodities, especially your wife, that’s when I get angry.”

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