Is this proof that Chelsie wins The Bachelor?

Chemical engineer Chelsie McLeod has been the favourite to win The Bachelor Matt Agnew’s heart since the show premiered.

Although she hadn’t had much airtime until this week, Chelsie was the bookies favourite over on Sportsbet.

Now, finally, Chelsie and Matt had a single date and as Matt would say, the chemistry was palpable.

For their romantic one-on-one date, Matt invited Chels over to the Bachelor pad where they were going to bake banana bread. This then turned into an all-out food fight, with the pair smearing the ingredient all over each other.

Fans couldn’t help but notice the similarities between this foodie-related date and former Bachelor contestants Richie Strahan and Alex Nation, and their infamous chocolate bath.

“Not again,” one person Tweeted alongside a photo of Alex Nation.

After that playful food fight, Chelsie and Matt hopped in the pool, flirted a little and shared their first kiss!

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