How To Pull Off A Las Vegas Wedding

A Las Vegas wedding is only attempted by the most daring of brides.

With the bright neon lights, the gritty glamour of the casinos and allure of eloping, do you have what it takes to have a wedding in Sin City? The idea is very tempting, especially if you’re in the midst of wedding planning.

Before you jump on Expedia and book the next plane out of town, there are a few boxes you need to tick. We of all people know there has to be wedding planning involved with any wedding, Las Vegas style or not.

Here are the step you need to take to successfully pull off a Las Vegas wedding. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Bride and Groom Las Vegas

by Briana Morrioson

Step 1: The Laws

There is a reason why Las Vegas has been dubbed the Marriage Capital of the World!

In Nevada, there are no required waiting periods or blood tests to obtain your marriage license; you can apply for one on the day of your wedding.

However, it’s recommended you begin your application before you leave Australia to save time on your special day. This can be done online via the Clark County website. Once you land in Vegas, pop on down to the Clark County Clerk with the required documentation to finalise the licence. You should be able to slot into the express lane because you’ve done most of the paperwork already.

Couple Kissing in Front of Las Vegas Wall

by Gaby J Photography

The clerk will check that you and your partner are eligible to be married i.e. are older enough, not already married to other people, understand what marriage is, consent to said marriage, not be brother and sister etc. Also, don’t forget to bring along your passport or driver’s license to prove your identity.

And finally, because nothing in the wedding world is free, you must pay $77 USD for the license.

Step 2: The Venue

If you haven’t already gaged, it’s pretty easy to get married in Las Vegas and there is no shortage of wedding venues!

The simplest and cheapest option is the Office of Civil Marriage. They accept walk-ins Monday through Thursday and can have you hitched for $75 USD.

But if you have just spent 20+ hours traveling to the infamous city, we assume you want an authentic Vegas wedding. Enter the wedding chapel, the venue that revolutionised the ‘quicky’ wedding business. There are a handful of free-standing wedding chapels that line The Strip, with the most recognised being the A Little White Wedding Chapel.

Bride and Groom at Little White Chapel Las Vegas

by Indell Weddings

There is a range of packages to choose from, all with different price points and added extras. You can go for full-blown kitsch with a drive-thru ceremony in a pink Cadillac or keep things traditional with a chapel ceremony. They will also supply you with a dress, flowers, photographer, and will even do your hair and makeup. If it’s just the two of you, the chapel will provide a witness to officiate the marriage.

A free-standing chapel wedding will set you back anywhere between $50 to $1550 dollars. This cost doesn’t include a donation to the minister, which is usually between $40 and $100.

If you want your wedding performed by the King (or an impersonator), then visit The Graceland Chapel. They offer a range of ceremonies with your choice of Elvis e.g. Jumpsuit, Aloha, Gold Lame, or Black Leather. Viva Las Vegas!

Elvis and Bride

by Janneke Storm

You can also get married in some hotels and casinos. The Bellagio can time the couple’s first kiss as newlyweds with the dancing water fountains. If you can’t decide whether to get married or eat breakfast, American diner Denny’s has you covered. Get hitched in the restaurant’s chapel and enjoy a stack of fluffy pancakes afterwards.

Whatever you chose, it’s recommended you book in advance to ensure you have the most options for your special day.

Step 3: Get Married

Bride and Groom After Wedding in Vegas

by Deezinger Images

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Just remember to find ways to make your wedding your own, whether it’s through what you wear, how you do your hair, or how you spend the day. Couples elope to Vegas to escape the pressures of traditional weddings. Let your personality shine through!

Step 4: Coming Home

Pink Cadillac with Couple Elope To Vegas

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You know the saying: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Well, that doesn’t apply to weddings. This one is completely, 110% legal and is recognised in Australia. Hang onto your U.S marriage certificate as it’s considered as evidence of your marriage when you get home.

Written by Sarah Mourtos

Cover photo by @carleyjaynephotography

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