How to Pick Your Bridesmaids When You Have a Huge Girls Group

For some Brides, hand-picking just a few Bridesmaids from their friendship group of dozens can be one of the most stressful parts of the wedding. Do you go for the girlfriend you’ve had since Primary School, but recently got out of touch with, or do you opt for the friend you met last year, but have an instant connection with? You’ll need to surround yourself with a close-knit group of girls who can support you, be reliable, but also know how to have fun and keep your nerves at bay.

Here are our tips for narrowing down your girl crew and picking a few Bridesmaids from the bunch.

1. Start With Blood

The easiest place to start the picking process is to consider having sisters, cousins or future sisters-in-law as the bridesmaids. You know these girls will always be around, no matter how much you argue.

2. The History

Next, think about the history of the friendship. You may not see each other every single day, but if you’re still close with your friend from pre-school, it’s a sure sign that the friendship will last the ages. If you’re trying to choose between a new girlfriend and one that’s been on the scene for years, always go for the one with history.

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3. Reliability Factor

You need a Bridesmaid crew who you can delegate important wedding tasks to and trust to be there when you need them. Aim to pick friends to be part of the Bridal Party that you can rely on, because nothing is worse than finding out the Bridesmaid forgot to organise the wedding cake, or packed the wrong dress on the Big Day!

4. Honesty is the Best Policy

You’re going to need your ‘Maids to be truthful when it comes to the wedding, as you’ll be relying on their opinion for many of the choices you make. Go for girls who won’t just tell you what you want to hear, but will give you their honest opinion.

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5. Future Facing

Think about where you’ll be in five and ten years’ time. Do you still picture each of your Bridesmaids being part of your life? If the answer is ‘no’, drop them from the list. You want to look back on your wedding and still be close with the Bridesmaids you had standing by your side as you said your vows.

6. Expand the Crew

If all else fails, consider adding more Bridesmaids to the Bridal Party. Who care about tradition, if you need 30 girls by your side, have 30 girls by your side. The more the merrier!

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