How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Venue

It’s not easy picking the perfect venue for your special day. But don’t worry, we have the ultimate list of things you need to remember to pick the right venue for you.

The wedding venue is one of the most vital elements to your wedding, allowing you to have all your loved ones and special guests all together in one space, celebrating your special union. And although it can be quite overwhelming with the many options out there, follow our guide to find the perfect one that will satisfy all your wedding needs.

Here you go Fairies!

Get Advice

Before you even start looking for a venue, consider getting in contact with a wedding planner to discuss your options. Planners have an abundance of knowledge when it comes to venues and are familiar with specific details including which venue can cater to the number of guests attending, styling, layout, timing and all additional requirements needed to bring the venue to life.

Where Do You See Your Wedding?

It is so important to choose a venue that matches up with your vision of your dream wedding. There are so many options of venues, so go with something that best suits with your overall theme as this will allow your guests to feel more connected with the space and the vibe you are trying to convey.

Finalise Your Guest List

Another important thing to keep in mind is your guest list. Finalising your guest list is a priority when planning your wedding and this plays a huge role in determining your wedding venue. Before locking in your venue, know how many guests you plan on inviting as this will help you later down the track once you have your dream venue locked in!

Keep Your Budget In Mind

Break down your budget and allocate a target for every element that you desire to feature in your venue space including flowers, stationery, cutlery etc. Prioritise and break down each element to ensure you cover every aspect of the wedding. This is where your wedding planner comes in handy if you have any questions or if you require specific details on certain elements.

Creating A Experience For Your Guests

Create a space that your guests will never forget. It’s all about creating magic and giving your guests an experience of a lifetime. Let your wedding paint a picture of you and your partner’s love story through the decor, styling and overall vibe you create through your venue. This is our Wedded Wonderland secret that will have your guests talking about your wedding for the next 10 years!

Know Your Venue Inside Out

Find out what is included in your venue whether this may be the linens, tableware, standard chairs, chairs, it is imperative that you make sure to price check everything!

Build Your Dream Wedding

Most importantly, do something that is true to you and your partner! Create your Pinterest boards and save all your favourite Instagram pics to build your dream wedding. The venue is your blank canvas and you are the artist to turn it into something magical!

Happy Planning Fairies!

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

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