How To Get Your Wedding Business Through COVID

The Business of Weddings has evolved more than ever in 2020. The influence and impact of COVID have shifted the hearts and minds of our Couples, as well as industry peers.

With COVID making many business owners change the ways they operate in the wedding industry, many are thinking “Where to from here?” “What does this mean for the future of your business? “ “How can you stay on top of “what’s next?”

During this “downtime’ there are still so many ways to keep your business alive and relevant both on social media and in the real world.

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Wendy El-Khoury founder of Wedded Wonderland provided some tips for staying relevant And surviving during this “downtime.”

When it comes to staying relevant on social media Wendy’s top 3 tips are:

” 1. Create content that is relevant to the current circumstances of Weddings and Pre- Wedding celebrations, with how your product offering ties into this. Context of what people are searching for right now is really important!

2. Throw it back and celebrate your past Couples’ celebrations and events- it is important to recognise milestones and evoke joy, sentiment and hope for the future!

3. Utilise all the functions within your social media platforms- remember to not obsess so much over the aesthetics- rather focus on what you’re talking about and why.”

And when it comes down to what you can do to help your wedding business survive these times, Wendy recommends:

1. Recognise events in the near future will largely play out at people’s homes and local restaurants. Does your product talk to the “micro-wedding” market? You don’t want to miss the opportunity for short lead time enquiries, which as things open up people will be actioning! 

2. Create support groups within your community either via WhatsApp or Facebook- these have been life saves for many businesses who have wanted to stay abreast of the latest news, updates and trends.

3. Create content! We know keeping up the enthusiasm is challenging, especially when little income is coming in! BUT, use this downtime to create that all-important content for the future. So many Aussie influencers and suppliers are at home- and want to collaborate, work and probably are available for the most part! look into this and get started.

We have so many more tips and useful content for your business in our free guides, e-books and online courses, to ensure your business lives on beyond COVID to a “happily ever after” we all crave in 2021 and beyond.

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