How To Find The Perfect Plus-Size Wedding Dress

Nobody said wedding dress shopping would be easy. You need to mentally prepare yourself to be disappointed a few times before you finally find, or create, the dress that’s right for you.

It can be even harder for plus-size women, as the fashion world has often left shoppers of larger sizes in the dark. Thankfully, we’ve reached a period of Enlightenment, with more and more designers giving sizes outside of the 6-10 range the attention they deserve.

WW Member Luv Bridal stock a gorgeous selection of designer bridal gowns from sizes 2-28, so no bride will ever feel left out. They’ve also just launched a new range as part of their Love The Skin You Are In campaign, and we are in love.

So while you’re planning everything, be prepared with our tips for finding the right dress.

Broaden your search

By all means, go crazy on Pinterest. As one of the larger sources of bridal inspo, we’re sure that your Pinterest boards are probably jam-packed with bucket loads of swoon-worthy gowns and ideas, so embrace it. You’ll be surprised by the amount of styles and actual dresses that you can find, and it’s a great way to narrow down your search when you finally venture out and start the maddening (but fun, we promise) search for the perfect dress.

Don’t let your time be wasted

Organising a wedding can be stressful so it’s a good idea to cut corners wherever you can. Before recently, trying to find a plus-size wedding gown has been no easy feat, but with the introduction of ASOS Curve, Eloquii x Stone Fox Bride, and our very own WW Members Luv Bridal, plus size gowns have finally started getting the attention they deserve. Call ahead to boutiques to find out if they stock larger sizes; not only does this save time but you also won’t be disappointed when they say they only stock sizes 6-10 in your favourite dress.

Keep an open mind

Always remember that an outfit on the rack has potential, and something that you may not look twice at may actually end up looking amazing once you’ve tried it on. If you’ve told yourself in the past that particular styles don’t suit you, forget it. If you’ve always wanted to wear a strapless dress but worried about how you look, leave the self doubt behind and try it on. You may not like it, or you may love it; either way you won’t know until you try.

Feel good about yourself

This should always be the case, but we know there are some days where we feel like rocking the hobo-chic with an emphasis on ‘hobo’ in the comfort of our own homes. If you’re wedding dress shopping, it’s likely that your emotions will range from excited to extremely frustrated so it’s best to avoid shopping on days where you may not feel 100% – sick days, PMS days, and even the dreaded hangover days. Get a good night’s rest the night before and don’t eat or drink anything that might irritate you. We guarantee you’ll feel like a million bucks.


Don’t knock it til you try it. If you hear the word “shapewear” and immediately think of unflattering stretchy material that turns you into an 80-year-old grandmother, think again. Shapewear is the go-to for celebrities – from the Kardashian/Jenner clan to Jennifer Lopez – so drop the stigma and embrace it. Find shapewear that focuses on any stubborn areas you might not feel comfortable with, e.g. stomach or thighs, as it creates a smooth silhouette.

Don’t delay yourself

Rule of thumb for all brides: don’t leave anything til the last minute. While you may have a goal weight that you want to reach before your wedding, be realistic about factors including time, dedication, and whether the perfect dress will actually be perfect by the time your wedding day swings around. Putting the dress hunt off for any reason also leaves you with less options, so if you’d prefer not to rip your hair out before your wedding, lock in a dress as soon as you can.

Don’t let pushy salespeople decide for you

We’ve all been there. While you’re um’ing and ah’ing over an outfit, a salesperson will come through and convince you that it looks amazing. As you’re flustered, you might make an impulse decision and buy something that you’ll come to regret. Don’t let someone else make the decision for you. If you’re really unsure about a gown, chances are it’s not the right one for you. When you find the one for you, you’ll know (yes, dress shopping can be just as romantic as finding a partner).

So there you have it. Remember, don’t rush, don’t dismiss choices before giving them a go, feel good about yourself, and always be prepared. Happy shopping!

All images provided by Luv Bridal

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