How To: Create Treasured Heirlooms Out Of Your Wedding Details

One of the most memorable days of our lives is our wedding day, but apart from the photographs, key features of that special day are often lost over time. Wouldn’t it be incredible to have those details of your day immortalised into pieces that will be cherished for a lifetime, and passed down through generations?

Calligraphy en Vogue share their tips on creating beautiful words to capture those precious moments that will transform your memories into art. 

Love Letters

Calligraphy is the most beautiful art form to represent those incredible words that you utter to each other. Transforming your vows into an artwork that you can cherish for years to come, is a beautiful way to remember that special moment you spent together. This way, you can immortalise those words forever. You may like to make them into a letter to your soulmate for a special anniversary, or recreate the magical moments of your proposal in a calligraphy artwork. Go on, Fairies – transport yourself back to that moment when you first read those words…


There is something so personal and touching about having your own names created into a unique piece of art. You will cherish these, and your guests will appreciate receiving something so bespoke! 

Calligraphy Engraving

One of the key features for any bride and groom on their day is their wedding fragrance. It’s often the one bottle of fragrance you will keep forever, and having a special scent dedicated to your wedding day is key for triggering the memories of that magical time.

With calligraphy engraving, you can your name and wedding details directly onto the fragrance bottle by hand, and transform it into a treasured heirloom.

Handwritten Details

Nothing feels more special to your guests than seeing their name hand written on their place cards & menus when they arrive at their seat. It’s a little piece of art with the most important name in the world; Theirs! There’s something so inclusive about feeling like the couple have gone to so much effort to honour your attendance and will likely make the journey home with them as a little reminder of the beautiful day they shared with you…

What do you think, Fairies? Will you be incorporating calligraphy into your special day?

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