How to Add A Pop of Colour to Your Bridal Make-up

Let’s face it, you’ve probably spent more than a little time thinking about your wedding makeup look and since it’s your special day, it’s natural to want your makeup to be on point!

There is a tendency for brides to feel that a soft, natural look is what is expected on a bride, but in saying this, not everyone wants to be a neutral, blushing bride.

If you don’t ever leave the house without a beaming highlight and chiselled cheeks, choose the features you love the most and focus on building those up (even if that means all of them).

So, we spoke with Tanya Gorg from Tanya Gorg Makeup who shared her tips on how you can add a splash of colour to your special day.

Consider Your Theme

Consider your overall theme and style when it comes to choosing your wedding makeup look. We always say “be true to yourself ” don’t try something completely different to what you normally would wear to a formal occasion. You want to be comfortable on your wedding day and not second guess whether you have done the right thing by going out of your comfort zone. Your wedding day isn’t the time to take risks. You to love your makeup on your wedding day and looking back on the photos every day after that.

Embrace Colour

It can often be tricky to decide if you should emphasise your eyes or your lips. It can be tempting to play it safe with a neutral palette of earthy tones, rosy pinks and dusky browns on your wedding day, but fans of colour shouldn’t be afraid to add that little bit extra into their bridal look.

A simple way to glam up your look is using bronze tones to add a slight smoulder, but keep the overall finish natural. If you usually love playing up your lips you can add a red or bold lip just before walking into reception, this will change up your look paired up beautifully with  bronze eyes. Skip the sheer gloss and try a pigmented liquid lipstick (it will last longer through all the kissing and eating).

Add Some Glow!

Not only do copper and gold feel and look glam, but they give skin a healthy, radiant, dewy look when dusted over your cheekbones. If you want to go one-step further, you can add some definition through contour to give you some catwalk glam on your big day.

At Tanya Gorg, when getting a bride ready, the aim is to make her feel like the best version of herself. This is achieved by consulting with the bride, and enhancing her natural beauty using expert techniques to create a look worth a million photos!

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