How to Achieve a Stunning Wedding That Screams “Quiet Luxury”

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your big day without going over the top, then “quiet luxury” might be the perfect trend for you to glean inspiration from. It’s all about setting the stage for an enjoyable and picturesque experience for your guests while exchanging your vows. Ready to make your dream wedding come true? Below are some fabulous ways you can achieve that effortlessly chic atmosphere at your wedding:

How to Achieve a Wedding That Is “Quiet Luxury”

1. Choose a venue that is luxurious and under the radar.

Whisk your guests away to a venue that has an understated elegance, such as a historic mansion, a private estate, or a museum. Avoid venues that are too grand or flashy. Remember that the priority is exclusivity, comfort, and plush details.

2. Select a muted color palette.

No, it won’t mean your wedding would be lifeless sans the bright colors or motif. You want your guests to come in a neutral color palette that will transcend trends and time, such as ivory, cream, or blush. If you like, you can ask them to incorporate metallic accents like gold or silver to add a touch of luxury.

3. Send out posh, high quality Invitations.

Use high-quality paper and printing techniques to create elegant invitations that set the tone for the wedding. Keep the design simple and refined.

Avoid pedantic or commanding language when sharing instructions to your guests for dress codes and directions. Your wedding invitation should not scream all the details you want to happen at your wedding; it should make locating and dressing up for your wedding as easy as possible for your guests.

4. Curate lush flowers.

Choose soft blooms in muted colors, such as peonies, garden roses, and hydrangeas. Incorporate greenery to add texture and depth.

5. Opt for a classic table setting.

Opt for classic tableware and stemware, and use elegant linens and napkins in a soft color palette. Add subtle touches of luxury, such as personalized place cards or monogrammed napkins.

6. Serve a scrumptious meal with quality libations.

Serve a sophisticated menu that features high-quality ingredients and refined presentation. Offer a signature cocktail or a selection of premium wines and spirits.

7. Entertain with talented musicians.

Hire a live band or classical musicians to provide sophisticated, understated entertainment that complements the quiet luxury theme.

8. Do not lean on designer names for your attire.

The hallmark of quiet luxury is the confidence and elegance it so effortlessly exudes. This goes the same for your wedding attire. You don’t need so and so designer to define your ensemble. Guests should unanimously describe the bride and groom as sublime or exquisite without needing to know who made it. To achieve this, choose timeless, classic attire for you and your wedding party that emphasizes quality fabrics and tailoring. Opt for simple, elegant accessories and avoid anything too flashy or trendy.

9. Politely enforce a no phone policy.

Your wedding is not a spectacle. It doesn’t need to be live-streamed or posted across social media as soon as possible. Assure your guests that your hired photographer, content maker, and videographer will capture them in the best light along with the day’s highlights they’ll want to share on their accounts later on.

10. Arrange for experiential party favors.

Party favors don’t need to come in trinkets or personalized gifts.The best party favor can come in the thoughtfulness of the couple: Arranging cars to bring home your guests, organizing hotel accommodations for out of town guests, or even gathering them next day for a delicious brunch.

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