6 Reasons Why Tourism Boards Should Promote Their Countries as a Destination Wedding Spot  

The pull factor for a destination wedding is strong. Thousands of couples dream of saying their I do’s in romantic getaway spots like Spanish beaches, Italian cliffs, or Japanese gardens,  but there is little consolidated information on how to turn these dreams into reality. 

National tourism boards could play a crucial factor in drawing interested couples to get married in and tour the destination country. Since weddings and vacations are both sentimental purchases, it’s only logical to strategically interweave both segments to ensure that suppliers from both sectors get the full benefit, consequently boosting the local economy. 

According to a 2023 report by Statista, the market size for destination weddings was estimated at around 21.6 billion USD in 2021, and is forecasted to balloon to 291 billion USD in 2023.

Below, we list six reasons why marketing a country for destination weddings should be on tourism boards’ agendas. 

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1. A wedding party generates more business for a region in one go than the average tourist. 

According to the same 2021 report that harvested data on USA, UK, and Brazilian couples who chose to wed in Portugal, results showed that destination weddings capture a middle to high-spending demographic. A wedding planner interviewed for the study revealed that the most expensive wedding he handled had a budget of two million euros. 

A conclusion that could be drawn is that there will always be a couple out there willing to spend for a destination wedding. The key is to have your marketing reach them. A wedding deal will necessarily engage more service providers and generate more income than the typical backpacking tourist group. Especially when aglow with the context of a milestone event, a couple and their guests will be significantly more intentional about making core memories through dining, activities, and touring, (in addition to the significant wedding costs) thus bringing more profit to the region. 

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2. The value of the memories will forge loyal and enthusiastic customers.

The wedding party will tie priceless memories to your country, exponentially increasing the word-of-mouth promotion mileage, and possibly resulting in a return trip someday. Exceptional service would give clients flourishing reasons to recommend the region to friends also interested in destination weddings. 

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3. It will incentivize infrastructure development and collaboration between suppliers, creating a more streamlined customer service environment to cater to future clients. 

Once your country gains traction as a popular wedding spot, suppliers will be pushed to edit practices to achieve an ideal business environment for global clientele. This extends to partnerships with banks to ensure that overseas payment methods are reasonable, eliminating excessive fees and simplifying interfaces for ease of transaction. In line with this, establishments in and around wedding hotspots will be held to a world-class standard, possibly leading to the increase of real estate value and adjacent economic outcomes. 

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4. Client-generated content will grant you free marketing. 

As weddings become increasingly tied to content production, the influx of social media posts and wedding films will aid your marketing. The couple and guests alike will be posting about the occasion, tagging the venue and suppliers, boosting brand. Once the permission to repost is secured from the content owners, you will have a wealth of personal, meaningful material with which to attract further clients. 

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5. A consistent stream of wedding clients will beat the tourism slump, and stimulate business even during the off-peak seasons.  

Unlike the sharp peaks of touristy seasons, weddings can come all year-round. Besides, most couples might not want to wed amongst crowds anyway, distributing business to the down months. Some couples might prefer gloomier weather—you could market a heritage mansion as a cozy spot for a cloudy evening ceremony, or rebrand overcast months as the most workable time frame to achieve an intimate sunrise wedding.  It all depends on innovative marketing. 

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6. Offering bargain tour packages provides an opportunity to draw attention to underrepresented sectors in regional tourism. 

Common phrases used to promote Airbnb Experiences include non-touristy, live like the locals, and the hidden side. After completing an Experience, Airbnb’s feedback questionnaire will ask you, “Is this tour something you could have planned on your own?” Guests want something that feels handcrafted—an experience they probably wouldn’t have unlocked if they planned the itinerary on their own, with only the Internet as a guide. They want things only a local would know. 

Niche, homegrown tour guides could pair up with tourism boards and offer guests an attractive travel package post-event. These curated experiences can aid ailing businesses outside of the mainstream, creating a win-win situation for the providers and guests looking for something off the beaten path. 

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