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Internationally acclaimed Fijian fashion designer Hupfeld Hoerder, is renowned for designing bespoke bridal gowns inspired by the fibers, design and natural resources from the Pacific Islands. 

Artistic from youth, Hupfeld initially aspired to become an architect, but found a parallel in fashion design, appreciating its similarities in construction and creativity. In the absence of fashion schools in Fiji and in an era before YouTube, he taught himself how to design and sew by deconstructing his sister’s dresses, recreating garments from old patterns and Vogue magazines. It was from this holistic baseline that he began to conceptualize his own designs.

Fijian fashion designer

Having made his mark in the fashion industry for over 25 years, Hupfeld’s passion is to sustainably create unique gowns infused with the bride’s personality that speak to the story and cultural background of the couple. 

Fijian fashion designer

Hupfeld seamlessly blends bridal design with evening and casual ready-to-wear that reflects his deep-rooted passion for fashion, art, the environment and Pacific Island culture. His remarkable talent has garnered international acclaim, with his creations gracing prestigious occasions like the 2022 Pacific Islands Forum, where leaders from Pacific nations donned his custom designs. Additionally, he holds the distinction of being the longest-serving print designer for Team Fiji’s uniforms and accessories at multiple Olympic and Commonwealth Games, proudly showcasing his commitment to representing his homeland on a global stage.

Currently undertaking a Doctorate of Creative Arts at Western Sydney University’s Institute for Culture and Society, his aim is to explore sustainable solutions to help future-proof the Fijian fashion industry.

Fijian fashion designer
FIjian fashion designer

What Makes Hupfeld Hoerder Different?

– Upcycling to Create Memories: Hupfeld excels at transforming heirloom wedding dresses passed down from mothers into entirely new bridal gowns for their daughters. He says, “It’s a very delicate procedure that takes a lot of time, but I maintain as much of the original dress as possible and use all the fabric and embellishments to ensure there is no wastage. It’s so special for the mother of the bride and the family. A truly nostalgic moment.”

– Personally Handcrafted: Self-taught, Hupfeld remains one the very few designers who still personally handcrafts every aspect of the gowns he creates, including the artful design of any traditional patterning featured. 

– An Infusion of Culture: Brides can infuse Fijian culture into their gowns in myriad ways. For those after a nod to tradition, Hupfeld can design a subtle pattern reflecting the totem or symbol of the province they originate from, weave locally sourced block-printed masi fabric with more traditionally Western fabrics of chiffon, organza, georgette and satin, or incorporate detachable elements of masi such as a train or embellishments. 

Fijian fashion designer
Fijian fashion designer
Fijian fashion designer

The Bridal Design Process

Hupfeld seamlessly combines technology and tradition to craft dream dresses for brides worldwide. His unique approach, largely driven by word-of-mouth referrals, begins with a simple message on his Facebook page to initiate the custom design process.

Brides receive a measurement sheet to ensure accurate sizing, which they take to a local tailor. Hupfeld then requests a full-length photo for their first online meeting, a crucial step in the process.

For those at a distance, a video chat session is arranged, allowing both parties to connect and brainstorm ideas for the bride’s ideal dress. “A big part of our initial conversation is me listening. I invite them to tell me their story, share their concepts and their plans for their wedding. Clear communication is the key.” Hupfeld shares.

Fijian fashion designer

The creative journey starts with a hand-drawn sketch, with revisions based on the bride’s input and Hupfeld’s expert recommendations. Depending on complexity, the dressmaking process can span up to two months, although the designer has been known to work wonders in as little as two weeks in special cases!

For international brides marrying in Fiji, it’s advised to arrive a week before the wedding for final fittings and adjustments. Hupfeld also offers off-the-rack dress rentals in a wide range of sizes, providing a convenient backup option for brides facing last-minute gown emergencies.

Get In Touch

Facebook: @hupfeldhoerderdesigns

Instagram: @hupfeldhoerder

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