Gorgeous Harlow’s equally gorgeous birthday 5th birthday party was fit for a princess!

Inspired by  Alice in Wonderland, this party was the most magical tea party a four year old could ever want.

Imagination became reality as every table was detail to perfection from pink tea cups to golden keys to ticking clocks, all amid a beautiful scented forest of pearl blossoms. Harlow was spellbound as she took at all in – and that’s not even mentioning the stylish dessert buffet, tempting taste buds on a roller coaster adventure to a sugary high!

Fun activities like cake decorating and magic tricks completed the enchanting afternoon.

Chatting to Harlow’s dad, Pete aka The Daddy Fashion Stylist, he told Wedded Wonderland, “My happiest memory was surely the sight and sound of Harlow and her tea party guests squealing with delight as they danced around the table.  It is a memory her two proud daddies will cherish forever.”

Fast-forward one year later to Harlow’s 5th birthday party, a last-minute creation of a colourful and fun Mickey Mouse party that we completely fell in love with!

Enjoy, Fairies!


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