After months of meticulous planning, it’s usually the Bride who knows exactly what to expect on the big day. So by default she’s the hardest person to surprise. Amidst all the chaos and drama, we love the idea of some special Bridal surprises from the Groom on the wedding day. Check out our top picks for a guaranteed way to ruin her mascara!

Warning: mush-factor is high.

1. Engraved Wedding Bands

Swapping Wedding bands to have them secretly engraved is such a sweet touch when it comes to personalising your vows. Think: pet names, the wedding date or even a special verse. When she gets a chance to slip hers off and read your choice of words, she’ll love the sentiment.

1Image from Dani and Nathan’s wedding. Photography by Wedding Soul Story.

2. Gifts

In a cloud of hairspray and perfume, flustered by hair and makeup, your bride will be more than surprised by a thoughtful gift from her soon-to-be husband. A heartfelt letter, a piece of jewellery to wear on the day or even her favourite scent can do wonders to calm her nerves.

3. Alone Time

After exchanging vows, the Bride and Groom are usually whisked away almost immediately. The reality is, you just became husband and wife. If possible, take some time alone after the ceremony to let that sink in. Any Bride would appreciate your attention to detail in ensuring neither of you forget this priceless moment.

2Image from Shane and Koby’s wedding. Photography by James Billing.

4. A Choreographed Dance

Nothing is more entertaining than watching the groom and his Groomsmen attempt a choreographed routine. Your Bride will never suspect and truth be told, she’ll probably be just as amused as your guests. Check out these twinkle toes for inspo!

[youtube id=”thAz2Z0tQwU”]

5. Recording the Proposal

Take this trend and sweeten the deal by keeping it a secret from the Bride until the Wedding day. Revealing the images or footage during the toast will be more than a surprise for your Bride, and one she will never forget.

6. A Wedding Night Surprise

Nothing sexual here, ladies! Swept up in all the formalities, so many Brides are surprised by the fact that they barely had a chance to eat; so after the night is over, steal away with your Bride and plan ahead to have some delicious leftover food waiting. Your famished Bride will no doubt appreciate some sweet treats or something more substantial off the room service menu.

Main image from Chantal and Andreas’ wedding. Photography by D’amico Photography.

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