Summertime means one thing – fake tanning time! It’s the time of year when girls all around the country smell of coconuts, spend their evenings rubbing fake tan on and walk out of the house looking like they’ve just returned from a month-long trip to Tahiti.

Unfortunately, summer tanning generally leads to the dreaded orange palms, brown cuticles and stained nails. So, to help cure all your tanning woes, we’ve spoken to the experts to get their insider tanning tips, including the secret recipe to remove the orange stains!

Pop toothpaste on toe and fingernails before tanning. This tip prevents staining and leaves nails sparkling! Kate and Louse from Skinny Tan

Hydration – both before and after application – is the key to the longevity of a tan. Ensure your skin is ready to take a tan by removing dead skin cells and nourishing the newer layers; in the lead up to applying your tan begin to condition your skin for what’s to come. Moisturise your body (and face) twice a day and gently exfoliate every second day.  Napoleon Perdis, NAPOLEON4

If you wake up the morning after a tan and discover you’ve been left with orange palms, ankles or nails, the secret formula is to combine 1 teaspoon of baking powder with half a teaspoon of water and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice until a paste forms, rub the formula vigorously over the areas and rinse! Kate and Louse from Skinny Tan

Contour the cheekbones in a number “3” going from the arch of the eyebrow, to under the cheekbone, to under the jaw. – ModelCo

Always moisturise pre and post tan. Some girls are often scared to add a liquid product to the fake tan, but the moisturiser actually prolongs your tan. –  Kate and Louse from Skinny Tan

Believe it or not, you should exfoliate every 2-3 days once you’ve tanned. This ensures the tan will fade evenly and won’t go patchy. Kate and Louse from Skinny Tan5

Shave 24 hours before planning to tan, otherwise the product will sink into open pores and cause a pitted look Kate and Louse from Skinny Tan

Some areas of the body – like the knees, elbows, ankles, heels, the soles of your feet and palms – are prone to absorbing more faux tan then others purely due to the thickness of the skin. To prevent these areas from being a tell-tale sign your tan is faux, apply primer to these areas before applying your tan, the primer will act as a barrier against over absorption of production for a more natural looking result. – Napoleon Perdis, NAPOLEON

For an instant uplift, highlight the tops of the breasts in an upside down “V” shape with the ModelCo Airbrush in a Can spray.ModelCo


Prep is Best… Treat tan application like you would your foundation. Foundation needs smooth and well hydrated skin for a natural looking bond, tan is the same! Hydrate daily with the St.Tropez Tan Enhancing Moisturiser before applying self tan and exfoliate/hair remove the day before. – Michael Brown, St Tropez3

Remove tan that has developed on your wrists and hands by washing them with a makeup removing/cleansing balm. A balm is strong enough to remove the tan yet won’t strip the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. – Napoleon Perdis, NAPOLEON

You can start tan prep the week before your wedding day. Start by exfoliating and moisturising your skin each day in the lead up. The day before get all your shaving/waxing done and then the day of should consist of no moisturiser or oils on the skin, you want it to be like a blank canvas (you can add moisturiser to hands, elbows, knees and feet to avoid a build-up of product). – Blair James, Bondi Sands

You can create the illusion of slimmer arms by standing in front of the mirror and flexing your arm muscles. Once you have worked out your natural definition, spray the contours of your upper arms and deepened shoulder bones to create a more defined look.ModelCo2

Tan 2 days before the wedding. This way the excess bronzer will be completely washed off and won’t transfer onto your dress. It will also give you time to touch up any mistakes if it happens. – Blair James, Bondi Sands

Moisturise Trouble Spots… We all know the tell-tale signs of a bad tan, usually the catch points are the dry areas such as knees, elbows and finish points like hands and feet. Applying a layer of moisturiser on these areas before you tan will assist in a smoother, even look, with no tan catch points for a natural tan.  – Michael Brown, St Tropez

Moisturise day AND night leading into the event to ensure your tan lasts the distance, and your skin stays hydrated. – Blair James, Bondi Sands

Start Low, Work Up… We tend to want to start our tan application on larger, high areas like our chest or stomach. However, by starting at our feet and working upwards – using the St.Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt for an extra smooth application, you avoid tan creasing from bending over to reach the lower legs once top half has been applied.  For best results one smooth, crease free application is best. – Michael Brown, St Tropez


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