When it comes to dressing the groom on your wedding day, getting his outfit just right can be more than a challenge. From the type of lapel to the fit of the trouser, or just knowing what to wear, it’s no easy task.  But outfitting a man in made-to-measure, perfectly-fitting suiting for his wedding is a daily task for the experts at gentleman’s clothier The Bespoke Corner. Here’s why you should let them decode his dress code.

1. Suiting The Suit To The Wedding

Your wedding’s style, location and theme will directly influence what the groom should wear. A traditional wedding calls for exactly that: a traditional black or white-tie tuxedo, with strict adherence to the etiquette of such formal dress.

A resort wedding means a step down in formality, and allows for a groom to sport cocktail dress, a code slightly more casual than black-tie. By having a suit made-to-measure and styled by professionals, he will be sure to match colours and patterns well, and not commit any crimes against fashion.

A countryside or beach wedding is a different style of suiting again. A groom is more likely to be dressed in bright colours, patterns and styles. White, cream and tans will be common colours, and materials will tend to linen and soft cottons. Formal patent black shoes can be replaced with tan loafers or slippers, and bow ties with cravats or nothing at all.

But, a step down in formality never means a step down in quality and fit. A less formal outfit can be made to look more impressive with proper tailoring, perfect fitting and made-to-measure’s attention to detail.


2. The Beauty of Self-Expression

Many men simply cannot find a suit off a shop rack that fits well or truly encapsulates their style. And so enter the benefits of the made-to-measure suit. Colours, patterns and cuts seen as too uncommon for off-the-rack mass production become available, like the three-piece suit and the double-breasted jacket.

And most importantly, made-to-measure brings a cut and a fit made precisely for the man from his particular measurements. Bigger biceps, a broader back or less common body shapes are properly catered for, regardless of size.

3. The Finer Details of Style

Another benefit of a made-to-measure suit is the finer details of style that transform a good outfit into a great one. We know that a man’s shirt should not have a wing tip collar unless the dress code is strictly white tie. For anything less formal, a turndown collar is appropriate.

We’ll keep his trouser hem properly cut with at most a half-break to avoid any excess fabric bunching at his heels, but it’s up to you to keep his pockets empty in the wedding photos.

The Bespoke Corner – Made To Measure Specialist:  [email protected]
Credits: Simon Paul  | Photos by Lauren Michelle

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