EXCLUSIVE: All the Details of Bondi Sands CEO Shaun Wilson’s Romantic Beach Proposal to Model Tess Shanahan 

Seaside proposals don’t get any dreamier than this! 

On July 30, Bondi Sands CEO Shaun Wilson proposed to the love of his life, model and entrepreneur Tess Shanahan. The location of choice was the picturesque destination Byron Bay in New South Wales, where the groom-to-be led his now-fiancée to a stunning four-post arbor adorned with abundant red roses. There, Shaun got down on one knee, and the blushing bride-to-be was treated to the proposal of her dreams!

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“I’d always dreamt of this moment, since being little, conjuring up fairy tales in my head,” Tess wrote on Instagram. “Little did I know they would come true and a million times more!” 

Plus, the golden hour proposal was beautifully captured by Fly on the Wall Films, enshrining the precious moments forever. 

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All Part of the Plan 

Thanks to the team at My Proposal Co., the event was as heartfelt and picturesque as can be. In an exclusive interview with Wedded Wonderland, their Event and Team Manager, Megan Stack, shared in-depth insight on what it takes to make such a dreamy proposal come to life. 

“We start with an initial consultation between our lead proposal planner and the person proposing, where we will cover all the important details from what type of date they enjoy, to where they want to propose, what their partner’s favorite color is, and everything in between,” she shared. 

Next, the team and the client brainstorm, and negotiate a custom proposal package that can accommodate a range of personal touches. These include a preferred color scheme, theme, provisions for a specific venue that is dear to the couple, a playlist, or even a live band. For Shaun and Tess, special touches included a framed message of congratulations, a photograph of Tess’ dog, and a personalized playlist. 

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Shaun’s request was a timeless proposal setup in Byron Bay, complete with red roses, and a professional photographer and videographer to capture the moment real-time. The proposal planners take charge of the set-up and logistics, which include the securing of a council permit to mount a structure on the beach. 

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image 41

“Getting approval for a council permit can often be tricky with proposal events, as there are a lot of restrictions that need to be followed to ensure the safety and general well-being of the public and environment,” Megan said. The scattering of rose petals was prohibited on the beach, which prompted the team to instead add more blooms to the arbor. 

The team also had to do plenty of preparatory work on-site before the day of the proposal. In addition to the tide times, they also looked into crowd flow, sunset lighting, and photography angles in the process of selecting the exact proposal spot. “For Shaun we settled for golden hour, which is one hour before sunset, to get that golden glow in the background of the couple’s proposal photos,” she shared. 

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After planning over 1,500 successful proposals, Megan affirmed that they knew exactly what to do. “A proposal planner will help take all the stress out of the details and handle everything so that all you need to do is remember the ring and ask the question,” she said.


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The Surprise 

As you’ve probably guessed, the decoy narrative is key for that surprise factor. The challenge is to find a way to lure your partner to the proposal spot without them ever guessing your plan! That makes perfect timing a crucial aspect of the event. According to Megan, they can assist the client in making up a cover story. When this is settled, they create detailed briefs for the suppliers involved—props, florists, photographers, you name it—and set a run-through call with the client before the event. An onsite coordinator is also present on the day to ensure everyone is in position when the client notifies that they are walking to the spot. 

A second surprise was also in order for Tess! While the couple spent time on the beach, the planning team rushed back to the couple’s penthouse to set up candles, roses, and petals for their return. So romantic! 

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The Perfect Proposal 

After all that hard work, the proposal was nothing short of a success. The happy couple was absolutely beaming with joy! 

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Just as planned, the golden hour photography by Beck Rocchi enhanced the undeniable bliss of the moment. After the proposal proper, the couple moved closer to the water and posed for the camera. 

image 31

Tess was a vision in a sand-hued backless bodycon dress, while Shaun kept it fresh in a crisp white ensemble. Not to mention the fabulous engagement ring by Diamond Rings Internationale, which features a massive rock flanked by smaller diamonds on either side.  

image 30
image 26

Congratulations, Shaun and Tess! 

Proposal planner: My Proposal Co. @myproposalco

Jeweler: Diamond Rings Internationale @diamondringsinternationale 

Photographer: Beck Rocchi @beckrocchiphotography

Videographer: Fly on the Wall Films @flyonthewallfilms

Resort: Raes on Wategos @raesonwategos

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