10 Easy Makeup Tips for the Fresh Beach Wedding Look of Your Dreams 

Now that you’ve said yes to the dress, the next challenge awaits: perfecting your bridal beauty look! 

While fierce supermodel contouring and a smokey cat eye would suit an ambiently lit indoor venue, beach weddings are a different story. Your makeup has to withstand humidity, and appear flawless under the expose-all brightness of the tropical sun. 

Luckily for you, a drop-dead gorgeous beach wedding look is totally possible to achieve! As long as you set your signs on keeping it natural and waterproof, you’ll be good to go. 


 10 Makeup Essentials That Should Be in Your Wedding Day Beauty Kit 

How to Choose Your Perfect Makeup Look for Your Wedding Day 

For your info, we list 10 must-know tips for looking glowy and effortless for your special day. Scroll below and take plenty of notes! 

10 Easy Tips for a Beach Wedding Makeup: 

1. Create the perfect base with sunscreen and moisturizing skincare. 

For ladies who love that barely-there, glass skin look, a tight skincare routine is key! Start your makeup on the right note and keep your canvas clean and well-moisturized. 

Spritz your face with a mild toner that does not contain citrus extracts, as these can burn the skin under direct sunlight. Use a light, water-based moisturizer that will not melt in the heat, and make sure to apply a powerful sunscreen with no white cast. 

image 18

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence, 20 AUD, Biore 

image 15

The Water Cream, 72 USD, Tatcha 

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2. Use a long-lasting primer. 

Next, layer on a light, dewy primer to help your makeup stay in place. Make sure the formula is compatible with your skincare to avoid cakey streaks. 

For ladies with oilier skin types, opt for a water-based primer as opposed to an oil-based one, which could result in sebum buildup hours later! 

image 22

Hydro Grip Primer 45ml, 62 AUD, Milk Makeup 

image 10

Photo from instagram.com/jajasamaniego/ 

Makeup by instagram.com/antheabueno/ 

3. Apply a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer that seamlessly matches your skin tone. 

Since we want to keep your beauty look fresh and breathable, your base makeup should be radiant and slightly translucent. We don’t want your skin to suffocate under a thick, mattifying layer of makeup! 

Go for a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizer that blurs your skin without totally cementing it down. If you’d like, keep the application sheer around your freckles and beauty marks to remain as natural as possible. Softly blend the foundation around your neck to avoid any abrupt color shifts. 

And, of course, don’t stop looking until you find your perfect shade match—the wrong foundation color will be obvious in photos! 

image 13

Dior Forever Skin Glow, 99 AUD, Dior 

4 – Use concealer only in necessary spots. 

To do away with pesky blemishes and hyperpigmented spots, apply controlled amounts of concealer. Make sure not to use too much, though—an overload of concealer might ruin the dewy, lightweight complexion previously achieved by the foundation or tinted moisturizer!

 When applying concealer, it’s best to pat in small amounts at a time instead of piling it on in one go. Remember: it’s easier to add a little more each time than to worry about erasing huge streaks! 

image 12

HY-Glam Concealer, 52 AUD, Natasha Denona 

image 11

Photo from instagram.com/patdy11/

Makeup by instagram.com/robbiepinera/

5. Skip harsh contouring. Instead, use a glowy bronzer and sculpt with blush. 

Apply washes of a gold-toned bronzer to add warmth to your face. Focus on general areas that usually shadow, such as the skin below your cheekbones, around the nose, and your hairline. 

Instead of dark contouring, opt for clever blush placement! For paler skin tones, a reddish blush can create a natural contour if you place it right under the cheekbone, and blend it up to the temples. For darker tones, purple or orange blushes can result in a surprisingly natural flush. 

image 19

Ambient™ Lighting Bronzer, 110 AUD, Hourglass 

6. Highlight the high points on your face with a fine illuminator. 

Add dimension to your face with a fine powder or liquid illuminator, as opposed to large specks of glitter. Go for a smooth iridescence for a stunning goddess-like finish! 

image 17

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo • 2 x 3.5g, 61 AUD, Fenty Beauty 

7. Don’t overdraw your eyebrows—go for a brow gel with a strong hold instead! 

Groom and lightly define your eyebrows with a waterproof, smudge-proof eyebrow stick or gel to ensure they won’t budge under sweat and the seaside humidity. Opt for a clear gel instead of a dark tint for a lighter look. 

image 21

Boy Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel-Pomade, 18 USD, Glossier 

image 12

Makeup by instagram.com/jellyeugenio/

8. Keep eye makeup simple, peachy, and long-lasting. 

For the eyes, stick to neutral, earthy tones like a diffused brown or a peachy-pink. If you’ll be applying false eyelashes, look into individual pieces that can be attached to your upper waterline for a natural look. 

And, most importantly, stick to waterproof mascara and eyeliner at all costs—it’s a must to be ready for happy tears! 

image 14

Eye Color Quad in Golden Hour, 90 USD, Tom Ford 

9. Choose a my-lips-but-better lip stain.

To keep in line with the effortless, dewy look you’re going for, skip the dark matte lippies. A lip stain (or any immovable lipstick) and long-lasting gloss will be your new fave combo! Go for natural pinks that will make your lips look alive and healthy. Finish it off with a juicy gloss with a slight shimmer. So pretty!  

image 23

Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil, 20 USD, Rare Beauty 

10. Seal the deal with an SPF-loaded setting spray. 

Finish your beat with a setting spray to keep it flawless for the whole day. Plus points if you use a spray with SPF for added sun protection! 

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