De and Roger are the perfect example of opposites attract .. especially when it comes to their style!  While De loves everything sparkling and high fashion, the only sparkly thing jeans and khaki wearing Roger loves is the twinkle in her eyes. Coming from different religions, De being Christian and Roger, Jewish,they celebrated their differences and deep love for one another in a beautiful wedding celebration on Santa Monica beach.

 The couple’s wedding planner,  Wayne Gurnick from Moments By Wayne, told Wedded Wonderland the couple celebrated the idea of opposites in every aspect of the wedding, and just like De and Roger, everything blended together beautifully.

The day began with a private ceremony in a very public place .. Santa Monica beach … however their wedding planner created a very private space for the 40 guests, amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy public beach.

 It was De’s dream to get married on the beach, with her feet in the sand, but Roger was concerned about their guests having to walk in the sand, so they built a platform and scattered sand under the canopy so that De could still have her feet in the sand, while Roger and their guests were on solid ground!  And true to her style, De wore an elaborate gown and her bouquet was adorned with jewels, while Roger was comfortable in his casual slacks and a button-down shirt.

The couple’s  reception was illuminated by six crystal chandeliers suspended over the dining area and elaborate florals adorned the table. With the sounds of the Pacific ocean crashing on the shore and the night stars twinkling down, the couple celebrated their love and commitment with their nearest and dearest.

Be inspired, Fairies!

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