It’s been just two months since we watched them walk down the aisle and say ‘I Do’, but it’s been confirmed that our favourite Married At First Sight (season 2) couple, Mark Hughes and Christie Jordee have split.

Christie spoke to Woman’s Day, explaining why their ‘Marriage’ ended and referred to the difficulty of a long distance relationship, with Mark unwilling to give up his Victorian farm and Christie reluctant to move away from her family and friends in Sydney.

“We were starting to fall in love but our heads got in front of our hearts,” Christie says.


However, there have been rumours that Mark started sending text messages to a 22-year old woman while he was still in a relationship with Christie. The woman (who has yet to be identified publicly), spoke to New Idea and said they started texting after meeting on Instagram, which led to lengthy phone conversations.

“He was really sweet on the phone and told me he didn’t believe that a girl like me would message him. Then he asked me to go on a date with him the following weekend. I was excited, because on TV he came across as such a gentleman,” she said to New Idea.

After finding out he was still with Christie, this mystery woman cut all contact with him, saying, “I felt disgusted that a man could do this to a woman he would supposedly sell his farm for.” 2

From season two, the only couple remaining together is Erin an Bryce.

Images from Channel 9.

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