The Most Ultra Moments From THAT Wedding Scene In Crazy Rich Asians

Public Service Announcement: Have you watched Crazy Rich Asians?

If not, we strongly recommend getting yourself to a cinema and catching this rom-com, stat.

It’s funny, fashion-y and features one of THE BEST movie wedding scenes we’ve ever seen.

We won’t go into too many more details and spoil it for you, but we’re calling out 4 of the craziest facts we learnt about the on-screen wedding, to give you an idea of what to expect.

  1. The dress that’s not really a dress

One of the most climatic scenes in the movie centres around the wedding of supporting actress Sonoya Mizuno –  playing Araminta Lee. Said to be inspired by Swan Lake, Araminta floats down the aisle in what looks like a couture piece of heaven.

However, according to Crazy Rich Asians costume designer Mary Vogt it wasn’t a dress at all!

“It’s a jumpsuit that we made out of stretch tulle and it’s studded with gold Swarovski crystals, and the skirt goes on top of it, we basically attached it to the bodice,” Vogt confirmed.

2. A labour of love

It may not have been a dress, but it was certainly still a show-stopper. According to Vogt, the dress was made in Malaysia by designer Carven Ong, and 30 women spent three weeks bedazzling it!

“And then I took the dress to Singapore, and we kept fussing with [it] every day until it worked, adding crystals to it and adding embroidery on the skirt.”

3. Security Control

Buying any jewellery for the movie would have broken the costume design budget, so most of the bling featured was actually borrowed.

But we’re not talking about cheap and cheerful chain store earrings, here, fairies. While brands like Bulgari and Chopard were willing to loan their signature pieces, it was under strict conditions.

“They said well you have to have your own security guards because we can’t be responsible,” Vogt says.

4. Walking on Water

The wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians culminates in Araminta walking down an aisle-river framed by hundreds of handcrafted copper wire butterflies on LED-light branches held out by the guests.

So given that she was literally “walking on water,” a pair of Louboutins was never going to suit!

However, the crafty costume designers worked out a creative solution for this barefoot bride. “We made her this bodysuit out of a stretch tulle and then studded it with a lot of the Swarovski crystals and it went all the way down to her feet, so her feet had knitting and stones on them.”

Feature Photo Credit: Warner Brothers


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