Bushfire-Stricken Couple Are Going Ahead With Their Wedding, And We Want To Help!

As little girls, we dream of our wedding day as being the most perfect day – in every way possible. As we grow up, we create a checklist of all things beautiful and necessary for the big day to become a reality. Perfect fiancé, check! Loving family and friends, check! Beautiful location, check!

And so, while life can get in the way of your planning, nothing can quite prepare you for the devastation this couple has faced, leading up to their big day…

Mistral and Dale experienced this year’s Australian bushfires first-hand. The couple planned on being married at Dale’s parents’ farm, on the 21st of March, 2020. Sadly, the raging flames engulfed the farm, as well as Mistral’s parents’ home. As a result, Mistral and Dale have been left devastated and suffered together with their families. The courageous couple has just returned to their Cairns home, after two weeks of partaking in the recovery efforts.

As Dale was away fighting a fire, Mistral received a call from Dale’s cousin, Chantelle, who had contacted Wedded Wonderland and pleaded for a helping hand.

And this is where we, are stepping in. Wedded Wonderland is calling out to ALL suppliers! We asked Mistral what the wedding industry can assist with, and here’s the list:

“There are a few items that we can no longer source due to impacts from the bushfires and if you could assist with any of these that would be so great.”

  1. Flowers“We were going to get flowers for the bridal party and decorations from a local garden, however this has been burnt in the fires.”
  2. Wood Arbour“One of our friends on a nearby property had kindly offered for us to use wood off his property to create our arbour with, however his entire property was burnt by the fires.”
  3. Marquee“The marquee we had originally booked received fire damage and can no longer be used.”

“There are also a few items that we would love to have for our wedding but due to the financial strain on us and our families that has been caused by the bushfires, we have decided we cannot afford the following items, however we would love these finer details for our wedding to make it that bit more special.”

  1. Jewellery for the bridal party“We have one maid of honour & one best man, and were thinking cuff links would be nice for the boys and maybe a necklace and earrings for us girls.”
  2. A wedding sign
  3. Decorations“We are going for an Australian country/shabby chic theme. Where we had planned to have the wedding ceremony & reception on the property has been burnt by the bushfires, so any help making the venue pretty will be greatly appreciated. “
  4. Car to arrive at the ceremony in

“The main reason we have not cancelled our wedding is that a lot of our friends and family will need a fun night to come together during this hard time, especially in a rural community where recovery is going to take a long time. As for the family and friends travelling to be part of our special day, it was important to us to keep the wedding at the same location because it will draw tourists to the region; this will help many local businesses, as most of our traveling guests are planning on making a small holiday out of our wedding celebration. We are expecting around 100 guests to attend our relaxed cocktail wedding.”

“To be honest I am not the best wedding planner so I thought I would ask you if there is anything you can think of, that would add to our night to make it a bit more special for our friends and family; we would love your input.”

Feel free to reach out to bride-to-be Mistral, via email: [email protected]

Digital Content Coordinator: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Via Source

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