10 Creative Bridal Looks for the Fashion-Forward Bride

While conceptualizing a wedding look, any fashion-forward bride would be on the hunt for an ensemble that defies expectation, demonstrates craft, and embodies undeniable personality. If this resonates with you, why not pull ideas straight from the runway itself? 

It’s Paris Fashion Week again, and the Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2023 looks are a gold mine for brides who think outside the box. Veer away from conventional styles, and build a unique mood board with the sartorial innovations of some of fashion’s most prominent designers. 

Below, we round up 10 striking prompts for a creative bridal look, as seen in Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023: 

1. Sculptural Skirts  

If you want volume without heavy chiffon, opt for sophisticated, architectural waves. This piece by Schiaparelli adds stately movement to the look. 

Schiaparelli haute couture 23

Photo from Schiaparelli

2. Playful Off-Shoulder 

Exude a timeless elegance by framing your décolletage with chic fabric work. Giambattista Valli’s gowns feature contrast trim and subtle draping fit for a modern day fairytale. 

giambattista valli best looks fall couture 2023 14

Photo from Giambattista Valli

3. Asymmetrical Jewelry 

If you envision yourself in a simple dress but need an elevated focal point, consider a hand-crafted piece of jewelry that will give your bridal look a peerless touch. The asymmetrical ornaments by Schiaparelli endow the ensemble with a personal, feminine mystique. 

Schiaparelli haute couture 23 jewelry

Photo from Schiaparelli

4. Lingerie as Armor 

Subvert the fragility of lingerie and refashion it for a daring suit almost reminiscent of armor. This rose gold jumpsuit by Schiaparelli juxtaposes a metallic effect with soft lace, breathing a fierce edge into an otherwise dainty outfit. 

Schiaparelli haute couture corset

Photo from Schiaparelli

5. Cape Sleeves 

If you are not too keen on wearing a veil, you may instead opt for dreamy cape sleeves that will trail behind you in the wind. This futuristic creation by Iris Van Herpen could also double as a unique boudoir dress for the modern bride. 

Iris van herpen architectonics 45

Photo from Iris van Herpen

6. Butterfly Wing Cutouts 

Replace traditional lace doilies with sharp, futuristic cutout schemes reminiscent of the scales on a butterfly wing. Feminine and delicate, but powerfully sultry.

iris van herpen architectonics

Photo from Iris van Herpen

7. Petite Dress with a Detachable Full Skirt 

Giambattista Valli presents a way to get the best of both worlds—no need to decide between a relatively simple leg-baring dress and a voluminous cloud skirt. You can keep the skirt on for the ceremony, then easily detach it for your reception look. The effect is an unexpected but cleverly chic contrast between ease and volume. 

giambattista valli best looks fall couture 2023 11

Photo from Giambattista Valli

8. Drama in Delicate Draping 

In the Christian Dior world, fabric settles on the body like sand dunes sculpted by wind. The beauty is gestural and quietly elegant. If you are a minimalist bride through and through, explore understated pleats and effortless silhouettes. 

dior haute couture 23 1

Photo from Christian Dior

9. Arches and Waves 

Antonio Grimaldi offers a modern reinvention of the beloved sweetheart neckline. This intriguing asymmetry is far from kitschy—perfect for the no-frills bride. 

antonio grimaldi haute couture 23 2

Photo from Antonio Grimaldi

10. Airy Appliqués 

Are you looking to wear fairylike, maximal appliqués without appearing stiff? Georges Hobeika’s youthful exploration of bejeweled sheer fabrics achieves depth without sacrificing ethereal lightness. Abundant ornamentation is balanced out by the tasteful, strategic exposure of skin, creating an alluring contrast. 

Georges Hobeika HC24 runway look07

Photo from Georges Hobeika

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