Boundless Creativity Showcased: Honoring Türkiye’s 100th Anniversary at the Table Design Exhibition

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey through the realm of design, creativity, and artistry as we bring you the 2nd Annual Table Design Exhibition!

Located in the vibrant heart of Türkiye at The Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus, this event has not only raised the bar but also set new standards for the global event and wedding industry. Co-organized by the exceptionally talented Meltem Tepeler from KM Events Turkey Dubai and Bluechip Event, and sponsored by Karaca, this gathering is a one-of-a-kind experience, bringing together celebrity event and luxury wedding designers who have poured their hearts into crafting unique designs and presenting captivating tablescapes. 

Photography by S&S Visual Maker

With this year’s patriotic theme, “Türkiye’s 100th Anniversary,” the exhibition saw the convergence of nine renowned designers, hailing from six continents, each adding their own unique perspectives and creative flair to their tabletop designs. Every designer poured their unique perspective and creative brilliance into their tabletop creations, and it’s safe to say that these extraordinary tablescape designs are far more than just tables; they are individual narratives yearning to be unveiled. 

We invite you to join us on this exceptional journey that transcends borders, a genuine celebration of the limitless and diverse realm of creativity.

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Photography by S&S Visual Maker

Hella Huizinga Wedding & Event Design (NETHERLANDS)

Hella Huizinga, the visionary behind Hella Huizinga Events in the Netherlands, weaved an enchanting tapestry of blooms, featuring the timeless elegance of the national flower of Türkiye, tulips as well as roses. Her artistry is beautifully showcased in a table design adorned with a Turkish-tiled gazebo, transforming her creation into a floral fantasy.

Photography by S&S Visual Maker
Photography by S&S Visual Maker

Percy Sales Events (USA)

Percy Sales from Percy Sales Events shared some thought about his design perspective, stating, “My table reflects the art seen throughout Türkiye. From street art to antiquities, I am inspired by the textures, the colors, and the history you see every day. I’m inspired by the vibrancy of color throughout Türkiye, which feeds my soul and imagination with so many possibilities. Additionally, with so much ‘eye candy’ from every corner of the country, you can’t help finding yourself with your head in the clouds – dreaming, hoping, and creating.”

Photography by S&S Visual Maker

David Beahm Experiences (USA)

David Beahm’s design, features a table adorned with delicate lamps and gracefully falling red roses, masterfully captured the essence of the nation’s flag color – red. His creative genius extended to the incorporation of Turkish elements, including traditional Turkish glassware and lamps at each seat, added an authentic touch to the overall ambiance.

Photography by S&S Visual Maker
Photography by S&S Visual Maker

Monsieur Froonck (GERMANY)

In an ode to the golden splendor of Turkiye, Monsieur Froonck crafted an exquisite candlelit design that illuminated the resplendent gold-toned florals and delectable fruits. Adding a touch of whimsical charm, he thoughtfully placed musical ballerina boxes at each guest’s place setting.

Photography by S&S Visual Maker
Photography by S&S Visual Maker

Toni Briess– Level Paris (FRANCE)

Toni Breiss took attendees on a JOURNEY OF LOVE in Cappadocia! With its stunning landscapes and unmatched charm, Cappadocia is a paradise for couples seeking a unique and memorable proposal or honeymoon experience. 

The region’s iconic fairy chimneys, ancient cave dwellings, and exhilarating hot air balloon rides craft an enchanting ambiance that leaves an indelible mark on one’s heart and this design captured it’s entirety. To add an elevated touch to his design, he placed custom-made embroidered napkins on each plate.

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Photography by S&S Visual Maker
Photography by S&S Visual Maker

Frieha Altaf– Catwalk Events (PAKISTAN)

Presenting “Rumi’s Veranda” by Frieha Altaf from Catwalk Events, she shared, “For me, a table symbolizes love and unity; it represents a gathering place for people to come together, share meals, break bread, and foster connections with conversation, express care, hospitality, and affection; ultimately fostering deeper bonds and a sense of belonging. Sufis seek to cultivate love, humility, and compassion in their relationship with both God and humanity. With my table design, I want to channel the Sufi connection between Türkiye and Pakistan through artistic representations of dervishes and Sufis.”

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Photography by S&S Visual Maker
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Photography by S&S Visual Maker

Sumant Sayakrishnan –Scenografiasumant (INDIA)

A vibrant affair awaited with Sumant Jayakrishnan’s design from Scenografia Sumant, where delicate romance bloomed with cascading roses and guests were amazed with a mesmerizing and vibrant spiral ceiling display. The eccentric and welcoming ambiance was created by the loud bright colors contrasting to the soft glow of candlelight details, making it an unforgettable representation of Türkiye.

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Photography by S&S Visual Maker
Photography by S&S Visual Maker

Majeda Kassir Bisharat – My Event Design (JORDAN)

‘Sultana’s Passage’ by Majeda Kassir Bisharat from My Event Design is an enchanting green oasis. The display proudly showcases bamboo and lush moss, creating a serene and natural atmosphere. 

It effortlessly embodies the grace of elegance and the richness of tradition, making it a truly captivating sight. Each plate was also home to a place card with written details about the deeper understanding of the artistry at play.

Photography by S&S Visual Maker
Photography by S&S Visual Maker

Brian Worley – B Worley Productions (USA)

Presenting “All aboard the Orient Express! Last stop Istanbul” with Brian Worley from B Worley Productions. The designer gave us a glimpse into his table expressing, “As you enter this enchanted dining car, you are reminded of the historical ties that The Orient Express had to Istanbul, the mesmerizing gateway between Europe and Asia. Istanbul, a city that witnessed the rise and fall of empires, where East met West, stood as a prominent destination on the luxurious train.

This was a testament to the opulence of a bygone era.

This dining car is where the past and the present collide, where the glamour of The Orient Express meets the grace and allure of nature. In its overgrown beauty, it has become a living symbol of a century’s passage, a hidden treasure waiting to be rediscovered.”

Photography by S&S Visual Maker
Photography by S&S Visual Maker

We’re in awe at how amazing these designs are! This event celebrates not just the artistry but also the storytelling that emerges from creative minds. In each design, you can find echoes of history, cultural richness, and a deep connection to Türkiye.

As we close the chapter on this exhibition, we look forward to the tales and stories that future exhibitions will bring, transcending borders and celebrating the limitless world of creativity. We can’t wait to see what next year has in store for this inspiring journey.

Photography by S&S Visual Maker

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