6 Filipino Wedding Dress Designers You Need to Know

The Philippines is a hotbed for creative talent, and visionary bridalwear designers abound. No matter the style you’re looking for, there won’t be a shortage of Filipino creatives to execute your vision.

Despite being a country with highly urbanized centers, the Philippines holds fast to its traditions and folklore, which draw from Spanish and Austronesian influences, among others. This maximalist, fantastical headspace often comes out in art—you’ll find that Filipino designs effortlessly merge conservative themes with contemporary flair, carving out space for that potent middle ground.

Ahead, see some of the best minds from the country’s exhilarating fashion scene.

6 of the Best Filipino Wedding Dress Designers:

1. Michael Cinco

Now based in Dubai, Samar-born couture designer Michael Cinco is renowned for his spectacular gowns, which embody jaw-dropping opulence peppered with non-traditional details.

His gowns frequently hit the Miss Universe runway, and made an exceptional splash during the 2017 wedding of Victoria Swarovski, heiress to the global crystal brand. The bride’s gown was as magnificent as can be: it was completely covered in crystals, weighed over 100 pounds, and had a train that was over 6 meters in length. The price? Over one million US dollars!

A Michael Cinco signature silhouette is the serpentina gown overlaid with an extravagant tiered skirt, which regularly appear in both his pageant and bridal creations.

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Photo from Instagram.com/michael5inco

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Photo from Instagram.com/michael5inco

2. Vania Romoff

No other Filipino designer hums to the pulse of the modern bride quite like Vania Romoff does; the atelier has a way with reinterpreting bridal fashion mainstays for the creative, fashion-forward wearer. Whether it be through a mini dress that captures the urban chicness of Carrie Bradshaw, a gauzy, pleated strapless number, or a new take on the precise tailoring of Filipino terno sleeves, the Cebu-born designer manages to express a fashionably free spirit. Her design staples include large 3D florals, pleats, clean and contemporary lines, and consistent incorporation of Filipino fabrics like piña (pineapple fiber).

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Photo by Instagram/bridalvaniaromoff

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Photo by Instagram/bridalvaniaromoff

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Photo by Instagram/bridalvaniaromoff

3. Francis Libiran

A former architect, Francis Libiran creates enduring designs are sure to wow any bride-to-be. His gowns play with intricate lace and illusion fabrics, and often stick to classic, traditional silhouettes. Whether you’re looking for a grand princess gown that follows in the footsteps of Elizabeth Taylor or a lacy serpetina with an immaculate train, Francis Libiran’s bridalwear will give you plenty of enchanting options.

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Photo from Instagram.com/francislibiranbridal

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Photo from Instagram.com/francislibiranbridal

4. Julianne Syjuco

Julianne Syjuco’s design profile is wholeheartedly romantic, and dives headfirst into daydreams of icy lace, gorgeous beadwork, and youthful spouts of tulle. The full skirts and sweet silhouettes are given a contemporary edge by thoughtfully sultry details, such as deep backless cuts and off-the-shoulder necklines.

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Photo from Instagram/julianne_syjuco

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Photo from Instagram/julianne_syjuco

5. Martin Bautista

With his dedication to tulle and effervescent gowns, Martin Bautista’s playful atelier is a match for the cool, charming bride. Outside of his bridal line, you’ll find that his designs come in vibrant colors and highly artistic shapes and cuts. He sneaks that creativity into bridalwear by affording it bursts of color and tufts of volume, giving the brides he dresses a sparkling radiance.

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Photo from Instagram.com/martinmbautista

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Photo from Instagram.com/martinmbautista

6. Bessie Besana

If you’re looking for sultry gowns that wield dreamy, translucent textures, check out Bessie Besana. A former civil engineer, the designer offers a range of alluring creations that draw from the sartorial virtues of lingerie. Some staple characteristics include godets, flowervine embroidery, and sheer panels.

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Photo from Instagram.com/bessiebesana

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Photo from Instagram.com/bessiebesana

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Photo from Instagram.com/bessiebesana

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