Shopping for the perfect Bridesmaid gown can be tricky; all of your best friends probably have different body shapes, skin tones and ideas about what they want the dress to look like. We spoke to Elaine from Goddess by Nature who’s fitted out hundreds of Bridesmaids (from size 6-28 – even pregnant ‘Maids!); so, before you start shopping (whether it’s instore or online), take her advice on the five things you need to know.

1. Have a Colour

You have a colour palette in mind before looking for the Bridesmaid dress, as this helps narrow down the endless options. Asking all of the Bridesmaids to wear the exact same shade can be tricky as it might look fab on one girl, but make the other look washed-out and sickly. Consider having a few tonal options (ie. Any shade of pink), that way each of your ‘Maids can opt for a colour that suits them.


2. Start Early

Do not leave the Bridesmaid dresses to the last-minute. Elaine recommends starting at least 6 months before the Wedding to give you plenty of time to try different style, as well as to ensure there’s plenty of time to order the gowns in and make any alterations. If you do leave it to the last minute, Goddess By Nature can arrange rush orders of less than four weeks.


3. Consider Climate

If you’re having a winter Wedding, you may need to factor in a Goddess by Nature faux fur shrug or ostrich feather shrug for your ‘Maids to wear over their gowns. If you can’t afford to get matching coats, ask all of the girls to bring a denim or leather jacket it’s matching, but effortless – and most girls have one already in their wardrobe. If it’s a summer Wedding, long-sleeves aren’t a great idea (no one likes underarm sweat patches)!


4. Know Their Asset

One of your besties might have great legs, whereas another rocks a low-cut gown like a supermodel. No one knows your Bridesmaids assets like you or your girls, so show them off by tailoring a unique silhouette and gown shape for each girl. Keep it matching by having all the dresses in the same colour.


5. Be Budget Conscious

If your ‘Maids are paying for their own gowns, make sure you have a candid discussion about what sort of budget they have and stick to it. One of your besties may be able to budget $900, but if the other one can only afford $250, keep the budget to $250 (or the lowest price point) for all of the ‘Maids. You don’t want one friend wearing an OTT designer gown and the other wearing an off-the-rack, because it the difference will be obvious.


6. However Don’t Be Fooled into thinking Cheap is always BEST

The old age saying of ‘you pay for what you get’ is true and ordering online from a supplier who hasn’t been verified can result in disappointments. Do your research and only shop from businesses who stock genuine designer products, otherwise you’re at risk of faulty, poorly made and incorrectly sized dresses! If you can, request for swatches and samples when ordering online so that you can touch and see the fabric first-hand.


Goddess by Nature celebrates women of all ages, shapes and sizes and offers an exclusive award-winning and Australian-made collection of timeless multiway designs, glamorous dresses and exquisite accessories perfect for bridal, bridesmaids & formal wear to make you look & feel like a total Goddess with a range of sizes catering for the petite to plus size and maternity ladies as well as a gorgeous array of colours to choose from that you’ll be spoilt for choice. With worldwide shipping visit

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