The wait is almost over and last night, Channel 10 revealed the 22 female contestants vying for the love (and a potential engagement ring) of this season’s Bachelor, Richie Strahan.

Like always, there’s a mixed bag of hopefuls, so until the season premieres, it’s up to us to guess which woman will be the diva, which one will be the middle-class bogan, which one will get drunk and jump in the pool naked (we can only hope), who’s in it for the fame and which one has the lurid past (crazy ex-boyfriend and Zoo magazine bikini shoot).

So, to help get you <even more> excited about the upcoming Bachie premiere, here are the 22  young women taking part in the journey.


New South Wales

3Mia, Keira, Olena, Marja, Kiki and Eliza.

Eliza is a 31-year old Events Coordinator who applied for the show, “Of course for the adventure, but to find love in the most random way possible.”

29-year old Account Manager, Keira feels like Richie should choose her because, “Richie and I have a lot in common. From what we’ve spoken about, I feel like we are at the same point in our lives. We have both gone through self-growth and know what we want.”

Kiki, a 28-year old PA applied because, ““I have nothing to lose, I am hopefully going to gain some new friends, some insight into myself and some confidence to be myself and not fear judgment and hopefully gain a soulmate.”

34-year old Marja is a Yoga Instructor and thinks she’ll win Richie’s heart because, “Because I am just a catch.”

Former Athlete (and now Student), 24-year old Mia applied thinking that it would be a good idea and “I had nothing to lose!”

And finally, Olena is a 23-year old Makeup Artist who applied because she, “came back from overseas and I wanted to experience a new adventure and perhaps find love.”


2Sasha, Georgia, Tolyna, Laura, Alex and Aimee.

Aimee is a 31-year old Business Development Manager who believes that Richie should choose her because, “I am a kind, caring and generous person who is always looking out for others and doing what I can to help. I always put the needs of those I care about before my own and can cook a mean meal! I’m happy to sit on the couch and watch sport all day but I’m also up for a night out.”

24-year old Alex is a Venue Manager and she applied for the show because her Mum said to take chances in life.

Next up is Georgia, who’s a 24-year old Artist and believes she will take out Richie’s heart because, “I think I can keep him on his toes, wouldn’t get bored, we would definitely challenge each other. We both would help each other and support each other. We’d be a good team.”

Laura is a 24-year old Project Manger who applied because, “it was a dare by my friends. I didn’t think I’d make it this far!”

Tolyna, a 31-year old Personal Trainer thinks Richie should choose her because, “once he gets to me, he will see the softer side of me. I can come across as quite a strong personality, however I do have that softer side.”

31-year old Executive Assistant, Sasha applied because, “I truly believe that you can find love on this show, given in the past Bachelor series everyone ended up finding love on the show so why am I not the next one?”

South Australia


The lone South Australian representative is Sophie, a 28-year old Customer Support Manager who thinks she should win because, “I have a lot of love to give and I’m very kind, generous, caring and nurturing when I’m in a relationship.”


4Faith, Vintaea, Janey and Noni.

First up from the sunshine state is 26-year old Hairdresser, Faith who applied because, ““My sister just kept hounding me to apply for it, because ‘If it is Richie you need to go on there!’.”

While 27-year old Janey, who is a Children’s Entertainer applied because, ““I’m ready to find love and a serious relationship. If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got, and so far I haven’t found that. This is a completely different experience, so hopefully it will work this way!”

Stunning 25-year old Noni, who is a Swimwear Designer thinks Richie should choose her because, ““I think we have pretty similar personalities. I am a good girlfriend but more so a best mate. We could do a lot together and keep it adventurous. Every day is a different day.”

Massage Therapist, 25-year old Vintaea applied because, “I didn’t have a high school formal so I thought I could finally get the chance to wear a gorgeous dress. Kidding! I wanted to put myself out there, challenge myself to see if I could do it.”

Western Australia

6Megan, Natalie, Rachael, Nikki and Tiffany.

The Western Australian beauties include 27-year old Health Promotions Officer, Megan who applied because, “ I had just about finished my year of singledom and felt that I was ready to move on from that and have a relationship but there wasn’t anyone in my life that I wanted that with.”

27-year old Communications Officer Natalie applied because, “I’m almost 28 and have never had a boyfriend. I’m at the stage where I would love to share my life with someone.”

Real Estate Agent, Nikki is 28-year old and thinks Richie should choose her because, “I am incredibly blessed to have my family’s continued love and support in anything I choose to do.”

Tiffany who’s a 29-year olf Training Administrator applied because, “I thought if I could date someone who is guaranteed to be an amazing guy, why wouldn’t I take the chance to meet Australia’s most eligible Bachelor?”

There you have it, Fairies! Stay tuned for more Bachelor updates…


Images from Channel 10

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