So you’ve been awarded you the coveted title of Maid of Honour. The time has come to fulfil your duty as right hand woman and host the perfect kitchen tea.

But what do you do when the bride and groom have already set up home and don’t need anything to fill their kitchen cupboards?

Here are some alternatives to the traditional kitchen tea. They allow you to gather around the bride’s nearest and dearest to spend some quality time and shower her in some gifts she’ll love and use.

High Tea
Invite the ladies around for an afternoon of tea, champagne and little gourmet bites. This is the perfect excuse to dress up and enjoy a little luxury and glamour. You can ask each guest to bring along their favourite recipe or ingredient to add to the bride’s pantry.

Mobile Pamper Service
Treat everyone to some much needed R&R. Planning a wedding is hard work so a calming facial, manicure or massage will always be welcomed with open arms. Guests can gift the bride luxury soaps, lotions and skin care products to keep her looking fresh and fabulous in the lead up to her big day.

Movie Night
Gather the girls around for a night of movies, popcorn and good wine! This option costs next to nothing and allows everybody the opportunity to just relax and have a good laugh. Ask the girls to bring a copy of their favourite movie or book with a little note inside the cover as a keepsake for the bride-to-be.

Lingerie Shower
Host a boudoir themed event and bring in a burlesque dancer to teach the ladies a few moves. This is perfect for the bride-to-be that does not want a wild Hen’s Night and we’re sure the groom won’t be complaining! Guests can gift the bride lingerie for the wedding night and honeymoon.

Linen Shower
You can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned sleep over! Invite a handful of ladies to the bride’s house for a night in. Put on your favourite PJs and order some good Chinese food. Get the girls to pitch in and buy some luxurious bed sheets and towels for the matrimonial home.

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