All The Signs That Say This Bachelor Contestant Will Win Matt’s Heart

It’s that time again where Australia will be watching the finale for this season of The Bachelor and speculations as to how things will end is the hottest topic of discussion this week!

From a room full of beautiful girls all fighting to win over Matt Agnew’s heart, we are left with this year’s final two, Chelsie McLeod and Abbie Chatfield.

Many have long suspected that the dark horse of this year’s season, chemical engineer Chelsie will walk away the winner of Matt’s heart. But as we all know, the reality TV show is known for the unexpected twists and turns that always occur towards the pointy end of every season. So you never know who Matt might pick.

We’ve got all the clues and signs that point to the most likely ending for The Bachelor Australia 2019.

If there is one subtle sign to watch out for when determining a potential winner, it’s screen time. Abbie has certainly had the spotlight throughout the entire season, there is no doubt about that! While Chelsie, gained some screen time early on at the season, at the red carpet with her oxytocin tattoo, she’s gradually been getting less and less. Particularly, for her hometown visit, Chelsie and Matt’s fate was glossed over which seemed quite odd.

Despite this factor, there’s a theory amongst Bachelor fans that messy single dates result with a clear winner of every season. This season, we saw Matt and Chelsie enjoy a baking date which ended with the couple wearing most of the flour and cake batter. Fans are starting to see a pattern with these kind of dates of past series winners Snezana Wood and Alex Nation who both shared messy dates with their Bachelors, a pizza-making date and a chocolate bath.

So, who do you think will win this year’s Bachelor, Abbie or Chelsie? Find out tonight on Channel 10!

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image Via: Instagram

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