A Viral Cross-Cultural Destination Wedding in South India

Hailing from two different worlds, Diya and Joe found themselves entangled in a love story that spanned continents and cultures. Their journey, sprinkled with love, commitment, and a touch of spontaneity, culminated in a breathtaking wedding celebration that seamlessly blended the essence of India and the charm of the West.

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How They Met

Nine years ago, on the sun-kissed shores of Australia, Diya and Joe’s story began. Joe, who is British, was backpacking around Australia and Diya was finishing her university studies. Through the magic Tinder, they connected and embarked on a whirlwind romance. When Joe’s visa expired, he faced a crucial decision. Fueled by love, he chose to return to Australia, and in those two precious weeks, their love blossomed, and they decided to commit to each other.


The following years tested their love with long-distance trials, job changes, and visa complications. Yet, their bond only grew stronger, leading to a romantic proposal that perfectly mirrored their adventurous spirits.

The Proposal

Diya once jokingly expressed to Joe how romantic a seaplane proposal would be. A couple years later, Joe’s thoughtful sister revealed she had planned a surprise seaplane experience in Sydney as a birthday gift for Joe, and Diya was to keep it a secret until the big day. After the breathtaking sea plane tour, Joe turned the tables on Diya and proposed at their private picnic on Shark Island with the Harbour Bridge as their majestic backdrop. Joe had in fact booked the entire experience himself using his own 30th as a decoy.

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The Grand Indian Affair

When it came to their wedding, Diya and Joe knew they wanted something as vibrant and diverse as their love. India, Diya’s birthplace, became the natural choice for their wedding destination, being the halfway point between England and Australia. Gathering their loved ones in a traditional South Indian villa adorned with lush greenery, they embarked on a three-day celebration that melded cultures, traditions, and, most importantly, love.

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Their wedding seamlessly merged the rich traditions of India with the customs of the West. While Western weddings commonly feature a seating plan, it’s a concept entirely unfamiliar in Indian celebrations, so they opted not to have one. Additionally, Western weddings often include alcohol at all events, a practice that contrasts with Indian customs, especially in Diya’s family, where alcohol isn’t typically served at Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies. However, in their unique celebration, they decided to incorporate this Western tradition, adding a touch of modernity to their cultural festivities.

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The Brides’ Gown

Diya, the radiant bride, dazzled in a series of outfits that reflected her diverse tastes and cultural backgrounds. From a traditional South Indian saree in yellow and green for the Haldi to a modern pastel pink lehenga inspired by Princess Jasmine for the Mehendi, she embraced the colors, textures, and stories of India. The Sangeet saw her in a Bollywood-inspired black, gold, and bronze lehenga, while the wedding ceremony witnessed her transformation into a quintessential Indian bride in a custom-made attire adorned with peacocks and the Taj Mahal dome. Her reception dress, a modern marvel from Solace London, perfectly encapsulated her effortless charm and style.

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Planning The Wedding

Planning a destination wedding came with its share of challenges, but Diya and Joe navigated the process with grace. With the help of a brilliant wedding planner, they orchestrated a celebration that embraced the best of both worlds. From incorporating each other’s cultural traditions to adding personal touches like Joe’s Baraat procession on a tractor, their wedding was a testament to their love and the beauty of cultural fusion.

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Little did they know that their joyous celebration would resonate far beyond their wedding venue. A TikTok video capturing Joe’s mesmerizing dance moves and the cultural fusion of their wedding went viral, garnering over 13.8 million views in just six days. The video not only showcased the couple’s love but also became a symbol of cultural appreciation, inspiring viewers worldwide.

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Wedding Vendors 

Photo and video @thecandidtheory

Styling and decor @talesofmarigold

Make up @makeupstudiobysuu

Wedding planners @divyavithika

Venue @villakasu

DJ @ashwinbhatiaofficial

Mehndi Lehenga @sukritiandaakritiofficial

Sangeet Lehenga @bindaniofficial

Ceremony Lehenga @tulsistudio

Reception Dress @solacelondon


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