A Tuscan-Inspired Wedding In The Barossa Valley 

Jess and Tyson met through a mutual friend, and their initial impressions of each other were far from perfect. In fact, they both didn’t like each other at all. But as fate would have it, a chance encounter when Tyson accidentally showed up to Jess’ house with some mutual friends, led to a heartfelt conversation, breaking down the walls of misconceptions and paving the way for a beautiful connection. Little did they know, this encounter would mark the beginning of an inseparable bond.

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Their relationship, like a whirlwind romance, swiftly transitioned into a business partnership. A seemingly wild idea of opening a healthy baked potato store materialized into “Mr Potato” with the power of trust, intuition, and a shared vision. Despite naysayers, they ventured into the unknown, proving that sometimes the best decisions are made when following your instincts.

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The Proposal 

On their 2-year anniversary, Tyson orchestrated a romantic dinner to celebrate their love. Despite Jess suspecting a proposal, the night ended without a ring. But Tyson had another plan up his sleeve. Returning home, he blindfolded Jess, leading her into a breathtaking scene. As the blindfold fell away, she was met with a floor covered in red roses, balloons, candles, and illuminated letters spelling out “Marry me.” In that moment, surrounded by love and devotion, Jess said yes, marking the beginning of their journey to forever.

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All The Details of Jess & Tyson’s Wedding

Their wedding, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Barossa Valley, was nothing short of magical. The decision to have an outdoor ceremony was guided by the beautiful outdoor area at Fino Restaurant at Seppeltsfield. They had been praying for the best weather possible and thankfully all their prayers paid off. Opting for a six-course meal designed for sharing, they emphasized the importance of togetherness, reinforcing the idea that food brings people closer in a unique way.

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Both being born in South Australia, choosing Fino restaurant at Seppeltsfield as their venue was a decision made long before the proposal. The terracotta terraces, Tuscan vibes, and palm-lined streets created an ambiance reminiscent of an exotic European destination, making it the perfect place for their celebration.

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The Couples’ Favorite Moment

Among the countless unforgettable moments, seeing the smiles and tears of loved ones during the ceremony stood out. Witnessing each other’s emotions as they met in the aisle, they knew there was no place on Earth they’d rather be. Yet, the most precious moments were those shared between the two of them, where they could sit back, hold hands, and relish the joy of their union.


The Wedding Gown

Jess’s wedding dress was a masterpiece, a custom creation by South Australian designer Alexis George. Having modelled for George for over a decade, Jess trusted him implicitly. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, every fitting reaffirmed her choice. The dress, a vision of elegance, mirrored her personality, making her feel like the most beautiful bride.

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Advice for Future Brides

Reflecting on her wedding planning journey, Jess shared valuable insights. While she enjoyed the process, she acknowledged the merits of hiring a wedding planner, especially in the midst of a busy life. She emphasized the importance of getting to know suppliers, advocating for open communication and comfort with every choice made. Most importantly, she advised brides to embrace imperfections on the big day, reminding them that, in the grand tapestry of love, these nuances are inconsequential.

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Wedding Vendors 

Bride @jessdavisaust 

Groom @tysonhoffmannn

Ceremony Venue @seppeltsfield 

Reception Venue @finoseppeltsfield 

Photographer @wmamot

Celebrant @mjhair

Videographer @sunnywuvisuals.wedding

Dress Designer @alexisgeorgecouture

Suits @petershearermenswear @gibsonclothing

Florals @thequeensquaters

Makeup Artist @lisamariesbb

Hair Stylist @studio807.hair.and.extentions

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