A Timeless Sydney Wedding

Kero and Emily were the epitome of a dream couple to work with. From the moment they walked into the planning stage, they brought an aura of open-mindedness and clear communication that made the journey an absolute joy. Their trust in the planner’s expertise allowed for a seamless collaboration where ideas flowed freely, culminating in decisions that perfectly mirrored their desires.

A Timeless Sydney Wedding

The Theme

The theme and design of their wedding was all about timeless elegance—something that complemented the beauty of their Sydney home flawlessly. Despite a last-minute venue switch, the planner orchestrated a stunning transformation within just five days and it turned out to be the most intimate and ideal setting for their 100 guests.

A Timeless Sydney Wedding
A Timeless Sydney Wedding

Their house became the canvas, merging indoor and outdoor elements seamlessly. The result? Soft floral arrangements, warm lighting creating a romantic atmosphere, chandeliers hanging over the pool to create some glamor, fairy lights twinkling, and an unexpected fireworks display that etched memories forever.

A Timeless Sydney Wedding
A Timeless Sydney Wedding
A Timeless Sydney Wedding
A Timeless Sydney Wedding
A Timeless Sydney Wedding

The band 112 and DJ Havana Brown also performed at Kero and Emily’s wedding, which brought the party to life!

A Timeless Sydney Wedding
A Timeless Sydney Wedding

The Photoshoot

Meanwhile, the gorgeous restaurant Hubert added a touch of sophistication to their wedding shoot. The venue’s vintage charm and theatrical ambiance made their photographs stand out, a true reflection of their style.

A Timeless Sydney Wedding
A Timeless Sydney Wedding
A Timeless Sydney Wedding

The Planning Process

Planning such a grand affair in merely five days was a challenge, but it led to spontaneity and creativity. The vendors pulled through magnificently, adapting to the sudden changes with grace, resulting in a breathtaking celebration that left everyone amazed. The planning team did an excellent job at saving Kero and Emily’s wedding.

A Timeless Sydney Wedding

Cultural Elements

Their Egyptian heritage was beautifully incorporated into the festivities through Arabic drums and music, inviting everyone to partake in traditional dances and celebrations. This cultural touch added a unique and meaningful layer to their special day.

A Timeless Sydney Wedding

The Couple’s Favourite Moment

For Kero and Emily, the grand reveal of their transformed home was the highlight. Walking into the newly fashioned space for the first time, their hearts were full  with gratitude and amazement. Witnessing everything come together so beautifully left them in awe of the dedication and hard work poured into making their day truly magical.

A Timeless Sydney Wedding

Favourite Elements

What stood out the most from this wedding? It was Kero and Emily’s unwavering patience and trust, the pillars that held this whirlwind adventure together. Their understanding and positivity throughout the entire journey turned what could have been a stressful time into an opportunity to showcase their love and commitment. Their belief in the team’s ability made the journey an extraordinary experience, turning challenges into lovely moments.

A Timeless Sydney Wedding

Wedding Vendors

Creative Production: @la_styling 

Bride: @emily.zaki_ 

Photography: @georgejohnphotography 

Performances: @theofficial112 @djhavanabrown

Gown: @jatoncouture @jatonbride 

Suit: @tomford

Content Creation: @yourday.socials 

Videography: @iconic_films 

Florals: @johnemmanuelfloralevents 

Graphics/Signages: @lettersbyloulou 

Chandeliers/Fairy Light Installation: @starlightchandeliers 

Fireworks: @sydney_fireworks_pyrotechnic 

Custom Builds/Furniture: @optimumeventhire 

Candles: @lovedbylucyxo  

Lighting: @jayproductionsevents 

Drummers: @zaffetlebnenentertainment

360 Cam: @360boothco 

Risers/Platters: @hayatandfay

Makeup: @nathaliesadermakeup

Hair: @joecelynechidiachair


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