Adre and Brett had the wedding of their dreams when they wed in a stunning country house in South Africa.

Wanting to create a love story that no one would ever forget,  this couple thought of every last detail when it came to their wedding. “We wanted love to be the subject and togetherness the object. A very relaxed wedding, where everyone could mingle with each other.”

And this shined through throughout the day, from the intimate ceremony where Brett and Adre both wrote and read their own vows, through to the reception, which they described as having a ‘house party’ atmosphere.

“We had a floating dinner and no seated arrangements, this allowed guests to mingle with each other,  and even make new friendships. The food was served by waiters that walked through and past the guests and if you felt like having something you could just take something off the serving trays. The guests also each had their own name tag so you always knew who you were speaking to even if you have just met that guest. We love to entertain and make our guests feel at home.  The venue had a “house like warmth” and feel to it that allowed people to sit around on couches on the deck and have drinks at the bar.

“Our wedding was exactly what we wanted, and it was everything that we are as a couple, we love and love those around us and that is what our guests and family felt at our wedding the essence of being loved, the couple happily told Wedded Wonderland.

One of the most special moments for the couple was sharing some alone time on the morning of the wedding. “We had a very intimate picnic breakfast the morning of the wedding just me and Brett, we prayed together and I believe from that moment that everything fell into place. I don’t think I have ever been as relaxed as I was on my wedding day and for a perfectionist that is so out of the norm.”

Be inspired by this wedding, thanks to our guest blogger Luxury Bridal Blogger!

Photographer Hanri Human Photography 

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