A Kindergarten Proposal Followed By An Elaborate Wedding

Angela and Joseph met in kindergarten, back in 2000. Joseph would go on to propose in that very classroom, 18 years later…

“I still remember the day our photos got chosen. We were each other’s first kiss on the last day of Year 6 before going to separate high schools. We lost contact during our High School years, and it wasn’t until a chance encounter that we reconnected in my last year of university.”

Angela, Bride

The Proposal

“I was told we were off to lunch at Mr Wong’s, in the city. Joseph put together an elaborate plan involving a little white lie about needing to pick up props for my sister’s Movie-Themed 21st birthday in November. The day before the proposal, I heard my mum say to someone: “We need to go to Kemps Creek Public School and get their big old red curtains”, which used to be in the school hall.

On the morning of the proposal, my mum played out and acted as if she had an eye appointment she forgot about, so she couldn’t go. She then begged Joseph and I to go past on the way to the city. Because I had heard her talking about this the day before, I thought there was nothing suspicious about this.

Walking into the school, we were greeted by our kindergarten teacher Mrs Hansell, who still works at the school. She was in the office and said: “Oh the curtains are actually in a bag in your old kindergarten classroom”. When we walked in, the classroom was set up with candles, roses, pictures of us throughout the years, and “Will you Marry Me?” on the whiteboard. Joseph had also arranged for Elisa Romeo Photography to photograph and film it all.”

Angela, Bride
JA 00217

The Best Moments

Angela’s entire kindergarten class attended the church to watch their teacher become Mrs Carbone. They were adorable and stole the show, despite being worried about watching their teacher kiss a boy.

Angela accidentally shot a few family members in the face by accident with a confetti gun, but didn’t find out about it til months later, when approximately 10 members told her about their bruised faces. 

Amongst the huge crowd dancing, someone accidentally stood on Angela’s toe during the last song of the night. The MC was stalling the father-daughter dance, while the pouring blood from her toe was getting bandaged. Through the pain, Angela stood up to realise that her Dad had changed the song to ‘Forever Now” By Michael Bublé.

“All I can remember is saying to my dad: “I’m in a lot of pain but I promise it’s this song that’s making me cry, love you dad”. I remember looking around the circle of people surrounding us balling their eyes out.”

Angela, Bride

The Most Unique Aspect

“The dancefloor was described as a mosh pit for the entire night thanks to our saxophone player Orget Sadiku who was a popular part of our night. Nobody would know the color of our dancefloor if it wasn’t for formalities because from the moment we walked in dancing commenced.”

Angela, Bride

Something You’d Change

“I would stress less during the wedding planning, which is hard to do at the time but at the end of the day, I married my best friend surrounded by the best family and friends so a name spelt incorrectly on the seating chart didn’t change any of that.”

Angela, Bride

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Photographer: Siempre, Ceremony: Our Lady of Victories Horsley Park, Reception: Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf, Videographer: Soda Films, Entertainment: Orget Sadiku, Wedding Dress: Leah Da Gloria, Wedding Shoes: YSL, Wedding Jewellery: Roman and French, Bridesmaid Dresses & Flower Girl Dress: Sue Lin Couture, Grooms Suit & Groomsmen & Page Boy Suits: Today’s Man Mesnwear, Cake: The Cake Studio, Invitations: Homedrawn, Flowers: Clementine Posy

Digital Content Coordinator: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Siempre

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