A Jeweller’s Secrets To Finding The Perfect Ring

Finding the right ring is no easy feat, which is why it’s always nice to have a little help. If you’re sick of staring at endless Instagrams and Pinterest boards, you should probably head straight to the ultimate source – your jeweller.

We spoke to Diamond World Fine Jewellery master jeweller Jim Chohaili about what brides need to know when it comes down to finding the right ring.

1. Concentrate On The Diamond, Not The Ring

“The most important thing is finding the shape of the diamond, not the shape of the ring. There are lots of cuts but now because of the fashion, oval is the most popular style, as well as pear.”

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2. Research

“People should study a little bit about the diamonds and have some knowledge about them as there are some jewellers that aren’t entirely truthful. Know the four Cs – cut, clarity, colour, and carats.

“Everyone needs to research what they want, what kind of clarity, and what both clarity and colour mean.”

3. Know Your Budget

“It helps a lot if you come in with a budget. So we know what we can show them because there’s really no limit in something like a one carat diamond – you can start from $4,000 and go up to $20,000, either way it’s still one carat.

“There’s also lot you need to take into consideration – the colour, carat, cut, polish. But if someone comes in with a budget, then we can show them the range.”

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4. You Don’t Need To Look So Deeply

“When a couple look at the rings side by side, they can tell the difference. You need to see things with a naked eye and compare the stones together so you can determine which ones you actually like.”

5. The Most Expensive Cut Is…

Round is the highest cut so it’s the most expensive. There are two different categories – shapes and then round. Round has its own category and a separate price list to shapes.

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6. The Common Things

“Brides always ask about size of the diamond. they want it bigger and bigger.”

“Look for something that’s timeless that won’t go out of style. Round and oval are good choices.”


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