8 Outrageous Gender Reveal Ideas (That We Totally Want To Try)

It seems like everybody is having a gender reveal party these days.

If you’re sick of the regular balloon popping surprise (or are just terrified of popping balloons – it’s a thing, okay), these outrageous – but seriously fun – gender reveal ideas may just spark your interest.

Explosions and questionable choices ahead!

Baseball Surprise

Big baseball fan? Sport junkie? Or maybe you just like a smashing surprise (apologies for the pun). Baseball-themed gender reveals are a thing, as this American couple demonstrated when the then-pregnant Monique Tello threw a baseball filled with pink dust at her partner, Steven Statter, to hit. Homerun!

A Hair Dye Reveal

For mothers who want to proudly show off their soon-to-be mini-me, a hair dye reveal is a cool, if not high maintenance, way to have a gender reveal. You’ll need a blindfold that definitely won’t fall off and an experienced hairstylist who can use non-toxic dye that’s suitable for pregnant women.

Paint Fight

Remember when Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles had that paintball fight in 10 Things I Hate About You but then they rolled around in that stack of hay and the thought of walking around like that was the most unappealing thing ever? Think of that, but without the hay. If you’re into pelting each other with paint, give this idea a go.

Bow And Arrow

We’ve seen paint balloons being popped with darts before, so why not one up it with a bow and arrow? Channel your inner Robin Hood, pull out the bow and arrow you bought at that Medieval fair you went to (it was one time), and get popping.

Car Smoke

Rev heads? Don’t worry about a cake or a balloon pop – just throw some coloured powder into your exhaust pipe and get revving.

Firework Spectacular

Go hard or go home. A fireworks gender reveal might be the most extra thing on this list, so if you really want everyone to remember how you revealed your baby’s gender, this might be the best way to go.

Blow Things Up

We were wrong – this is the most extra reveal on our list. Combining shooting and explosions seems like an oddly popular way of announcing your baby’s gender now –  this family used Tannerite and blue coloured chalk as target practice for this big bang reveal.

May The Force Be With You

For the self-proclaimed geeky parents out there, a lightsaber reveal is perfect. This couple asked their friend to program their Ultra Saber so they could light it up at their gender reveal party. Yoda would be proud.

light saber gender reveal

Anna Claire Vollers

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