8 Creative Proposal Ideas, As Seen on Newly-Engaged Couples

The art of proposing has come a long way from the traditional bended knee and a sparkling diamond ring. Today, it’s all about bringing out your inner creativity and crafting a proposal as unique as the love story it represents. Below, we round up 8 real and creative proposals, exploring the extraordinary ways that couples have chosen to pop the question.  

LOOK: 8 Creative Proposal Ideas, As Seen on Newly Engaged Couples

1. Marianna & Carl: Concert Proposal

With the help of a cheering crowd, Carl took the stage and serenaded Marianna with a heartfelt song before dropping to one knee and sealing their harmonious love with a sparkling ring. 

2. Bobbi & George: Sunset Proposal 

As the sun painted the sky in hues of pink and orange, Bobbi & George stood hand in hand, their hearts dancing to the rhythm of the crashing waves. A sunset will always be a picturesque backdrop to your proposal.

3. Dilara & Isaac: Cultural Proposal

Embrace cultural heritage like Dilara & Isaac’s traditional Turkish proposal where two families united in a joyous celebration at Dilara’s house.

4. Vicki & Mike: Graduation Proposal

Mike made Vicki’s graduation day all the more memorable by expressing his pride and admiration for her accomplishments before dropping to one knee and asking her to embark on a new chapter of life together. 

5. Anna-Rose & Jake: At Home Proposal

In the cozy embrace of their living room, Anna-Rose & Jake turned their humble abode into a sanctuary of love for a heartfelt at-home proposal.

6. Isabelle & Jared: Beach Proposal

Jared chose a picturesque spot where the waves gently kissed the shore to get down on one knee in the soft sand and declare his love for Isabelle. This beach spot will now be a special place for the couple to reminisce in the future. 

7. Daphne & Hendrik: Blindfolded Proposal

As Daphne was blindfolded, her anticipation grew until her blindfold was removed and she found herself in a breathtaking setting where Hendrik knelt down, asking her to be his partner for life. 

8. Aubrey & Dan: Destination Proposal

There’s nothing like a destination proposal and professing your love in front of an iconic attraction like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 


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