7 Ways To Leave Your Partner A Secret Message

Leaving romantic messages for your partner is always a sweet gesture that won’t go unnoticed. It’s perfect for every occasion, like birthdays and anniversaries, but all the better when there’s no occasion at all. Love notes are just a little piece of writing that tells your partner that you’re thinking of them.

One type of love note that couples have been doing for quite some time now, is the secret messages that are hidden to surprise their partner on the wedding day. Of course, you can imagine how much we love that idea, so we did a little digging and found all the ways you too can leave a secret message.

Whether you’re the bride or the groom, these are ideas you can get on board with!


1. Suit & Tie

Leave a sweet message on the groom’s tie or suit for him to find on the morning of the wedding. There are a few options too, so you shouldn’t be stuck for ideas.

You can either have the tailor stitch in a short message on the inside of the suit jacket or at the back of the tie. Alternatively, if you have a longer message you wish to share, write it on a little card and pin it to the back of his tie. If your groom is wearing a bowtie, then slip it inside one of the jacket’s pocket.

For our brides who prefer to keep things short, simple and to the point, then just have the tailor stitch in the wedding date to the back of the collar.

original i love you secret message tie

Via Not On the High Street

2. Stitch Your Wedding Dress

Don’t fear brides, you too can have a message stitched in.

Just get your partner to write a message and hand it to your dressmaker or tailor to stitch into the inside of your dress. You can make it extra special by having it stitched in blue, so it’ll serve as your ‘something blue’. But, absolutely, under no circumstance, should you peek at the message before your wedding day. Seriously, exert maximum self-restraint.

If you’re daring enough, try stitching a message onto the dress directly. It’ll look amazing if it ties in with the overall design of the dress.


Via Pinterest


3. On Your Veil

Another one for the ladies, a small message artfully stitched into your veil is something truly special. It’s the same concept as stitching your dress, so don’t peek at the message before you should.

Try asking for the stitching to lie along the edges, for a really beautiful effect!

Screen Shot 2019 03 18 at 4.18.54 pm

Via @paolo_sebastian

4. Inside Your Wedding Band

Of course, you can’t exactly write a long, heartfelt message on the back of a wedding band, but something short and simple will mean the world and will serve as the perfect surprise.

Screen Shot 2019 03 18 at 4.16.42 pm

Via @joyymichelle

5. On His Cuff Links

Engrave your groom’s cufflinks, even if it’s just with the wedding date. A bonus idea is to also give the cuff links as a gift to the groom on the wedding day, so it’s two birds with one stone!


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6. Stitch His Pocket Square

If your groom is going to have a pocket square, you can have it stitched with a little message. This is a great alternative to the suit and tie, especially if the suit is a rental.


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7.On the Bottom of Shoes

Steal your partner’s shoes, grab a permanent marker, and get writing! On the bottom of shoes is a great way to leave a sweet message, but if you’re worried about it fading after a night of walking and dancing, then try something more permanent, like getting the shoes engraved. Just be sure your partner doesn’t go looking for their shoes…


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