This one is for all the Fairies who like being the favourite. So, whether you’re at complete odds (monster-in-law style) or you just want to win her over once and for all, we’ve listed seven ways to instantly secure your relationship with your mother-in-law!

1. RUOK?

Given our phones are in our hand a majority of the day, you can easily set aside some time to text your MIL (mother-in-law). An unexpected SMS shows that you’re thinking about her and literally takes no more than 30 seconds.


2. MIL Date

Sitting down face to face with the MIL can be intimidating, but it’s always good to have some one on one time. Ask her out for a coffee without your groom and his family around, so you can chat without any extra pressure. If you’re stuck for topics, think about what you have in common – ie. Her son!

3. Get Her Advice

If she’s a career woman, ask her opinion on a work issue you’re having. If she’s a stay at home Mum, ask her for a cooking lesson (this one gives you extra brownie points). Seriously, sisters, there’s nothing more flattering to a mother-in-law than being asked for advice.

4. Give Her an Important Wedding Role

This tip is gold, ladies. If you’re concerned that your MIL might meddle with the guest list, ask her to manage the AV and church preparations. She’ll be too busy to spend time on any other aspect of the wedding, you’ve delegated tasks AND she’ll be so pleased that she’s playing an important role in your big day. Win, win.

5. Buy Her Flowers

Every woman loves flowers, no matter how old or young; but sometimes the men in our lives don’t purchase the posies as often as they should. Ask her husband or son what her favourite blooms are and surprise her with a bunch for no reason at all. You’ll be instantly promoted to favourite DIL (daughter-in-law) status.


6. Compliment Her

This tip requires you to be genuine. Has she had a haircut? Make sure you let her know that you’ve noticed. Even if you don’t love the style, comment on the colour or the shine.

7. Never Criticise

It’s a fact of life that sometimes Mums spoil their sons.  If your hubby doesn’t know how to work a washing machine, can’t figure out an iron and names  ‘toast’ and ‘2-minute noodles’ as the extent of his cooking skills, it’s a sign of a pampered prince. Whatever you do, never criticise his Mum’s parenting style. Ever.

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