Here at Wedded, we’ve seen more than our fair share of luxury Weddings and not far behind all the intricate styling, opulent gowns and precious details, a hefty price tag usually follows. But for those  couples looking to give a little something back amidst all the indulgence of a Wedding, here’s a few things to consider when planning your Big Day.

1. Alternative Gift Registries

Opt out of the typical department store gift registry (or supplement it) with a registry that lets your guests give a little rather than take.

SoKind Registry (a project of The Center for a New American Dream) lets couples tailor their list. Know a local artist that you’d love to support? List her work on your registry! Have a charity that you’d like guests to support? Include donations as an option on your registry.

Oxfam Unwrapped is the organisation’s gift-giving service. Slip a card in with all the details in your party favours and guests have the option of purchasing books, clean drinking water or livestock in your name for a disadvantaged community overseas.

Karma Currency registries will allow your guests to support one of over 1000 Australian charities. Choose the gifts and which charities benefit, and let your guests change the world one donation at a time!

2. Charity Favours

So many brands have the product you can buy, like candles profits go directly to a charity of fundraising organization. Your guests get a gorgeous gift and the money you spend goes to support a cause!

2Image of Glasshouse Candles for the McGrath Foundation

3. A ‘Wishing Well’ for your Favourite Cause

The idea of having a ‘Wishing Well’ inviting guests to deposit their monetary gifts for the couple on the day is a pretty common occurrence at modern Weddings. Why not update yours and let your guests know that a portion/all of their monetary gifts will support a charity that’s close to the couple’s heart? Alternatively, this can also be done online through sites like the I Do Foundation and countless others.

4. Supporting Local Business and Independents

Supporting our local farmers and independent growers is so important, and no less so on your Wedding day. There’s no harm in asking your favourite local restaurant to cater your Wedding, or your go-to at the weekend farmers’ market to supply all your fresh produce for the day. The worst they can do is say ‘no’, right?

5. Using Ethically-Made Products

For socially-conscious couples who aren’t keen on compromising their values in order to pull off a Wedding, we’ve got you covered. Ever considered a Fair Trade frock or ethically sourced jewellery for your Wedding bands? Or maybe using a gift registry like 7 Hopes United, to ensure guests are only purchasing Fair Trade products that are gorgeous, but also responsibly produced in terms of society and the environment.

6. Honeymoon with a Twist

A dear friend recently opted out of the traditional honeymoon to Europe or somewhere sunny and tropical, choosing instead to spend a week volunteering at an orphanage in Cambodia. For couples that are a little more adventurous, don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your honeymoon. There are so many options, from teaching about nutrition in Fijian villages to environmental projects in Mexico. It’s simply a case of finding which project suits you. Head to Projects Abroad for more info.

3Image from projects-abroad.com.au

7. Donate your Gown

Before you seal it up and stash your Wedding gown in the back of your closets for the next 60 years, consider this. There are so many wonderful organisations that accept Wedding gown donations for repurposing. Angel Gowns Australia is one such charity, and the work they do is invaluable. Their volunteers use donated dresses to stitch together tiny gowns that are pass on to children’s charities, funeral homes, hospitals and families suffering the unimaginable death of their baby. We cannot think of a better way to have your dress make a difference post-Wedding.

Main image photographed by Robert Fairer for Vogue.

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