We all know someone who enjoys a drink, whether it’s a creepy older uncle or a life-of-the-party girlfriend; and although weddings are a time to let loose and enjoy yourself, there’s definitely a limit to how much alcohol should be consumed.

To avoid the dancefloor resembling last night’s dinner and to keep the dignity of all guests in tack, we recommend heeding the following advice. Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone falls into the wedding cake!

1. Serve Food All Night Long

Giving your guests plenty of food to line their stomachs is one of the best ways to limit this! Don’t just rely on the 3-course meal, get some appetizers and plan to do a late-night serve of snacks like kebabs, pretzels, pizza. The more carbs, the better.1

2. Have Mocktails

One sure-fire way to minimise the alcohol served is to offer delicious non-alcoholic options! Make your mocktails even more enticing than the cocktails. Think: Turkish delight, berry and choc-peanut.4

3. Stop Service

Don’t feel as though you need to serve alcohol all night long; if you’ve got a long reception, consider stopping service a few hours before the end and only offer night caps like sherry or flavoured liquors.

4. Don’t Have an Open Bar

If you’re worried about guests doing shots all night long, only offer a selection of beverages like wine, beer and champagne.

5. Hire a Watchdog

Have an RSA rep present at the event to make sure all the guests behave themselves. If you don’t have budget for this, ask your muscly cousin or hunky male friend to take up the role.


6. Don’t Serve During Meals

Close up the bar while you’re serving the meals and place just one bottle of wine on the table. This will mean guests are more likely to stay seated and chat with the other people on the table and less likely to skip your delicious entrée to head to the bar for a top-up.

7. Change up the Glasses

Opt for tall high glasses (with less volume) instead of big buckets. Guests will generally get the same amount of drinks, but if the glass holds less fluid, they’ll consume less!


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