No one wants a cookie-cutter wedding. These days, it’s all about flair, individuality and ideas that make your Big Day unforgettable.

So, if you occasionally like to bring out your inner ‘bad girl’ like Ri Ri, you’re going to love these sneaky ways to break the rules at your own wedding.

1. Serve Fast Food

If you love fast food as much as you love fast fashion, then why should you compromise and serve only swanky meals with foie gras and pea foam at your wedding? Stay true to your tastes and serve gourmet pizza, mini sliders, doughnuts and even gelato to your guests. We guarantee no one will leave hungry.


Image from Dockside Group

2. Don’t Leave for the Honeymoon Immediately

What’s more stressful than planning a wedding? Planning a wedding and packing for a honeymoon. At Wedded Wonderland, we take packing for a trip very seriously. You need the right outfits all accessorised to perfection and multiple wet-weather options. There’s really no need to leave for the honeymoon straight after the wedding. Book it a few weeks after the Big Day and spend the days after the wedding enjoying the post-I Do glow.

3. Don’t Wear White

The white wedding gown tradition started hundreds of years ago when Queen Victoria donned a satin gown for her Big Day, but, let’s be honest, not everyone skin tone can pull off a pure white hue. Designers offer gowns in blush, champagne and cream; but if you really want to make a statement, go for gold, pink or blue!


Images from MXM Couture, Paolo Sebastian and Sant Elia

4. Get Your Game On

Have you ever been stuck trying to make awkward conversation with strangers on your table at a reception? Ban boredom at the wedding by introducing games! From table games like poker to garden games like croquet and bocce, bring the fun back to the reception.

5. Don’t Be Too Proper on the Invitations

Do you feel a little silly addressing your mates as Mr and Mrs Jones and formally requesting their attendance at your wedding? Fear not, the traditional etiquette for inviting guests is a bit outdated, instead, we officially give you permission to be yourself and write the invites out however you like.invites

Images from Personalised Favours

6. Colourful Shoes

We admit, nude goes with everything. Although opting for nude heels with your wedding gown is a risk-free way to go, but sometimes it’s good to break the rules and opt for colour – Carrie Bradshaw style!

7. Don’t Have the Same Number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

So, your fiancé only has 3 groomsmen, but you’ve already picked out at least five of your BFFEs to be bridesmaids; it’s not a total disaster, we promise. Although it’s great to have a bridesmaid partnered up with a groomsmen, it’s not a necessity.groomsmen

Images from Alex Goodman

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Main image from Jessica and Steven’s wedding. Photography by Istyle Photography.

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