7 Thoughts Every Father of the Bride Will Have

Your father has watched you grow into the women you are and now he’s getting ready to walk you through the next steps of your life, to see you into the future. You bet there be lots on his mind. But here are 7 thoughts every father of the bride will definitely have.

1. She’ll always be my little girl

His heart probably had severe palpitations when he found out you were dating but now you’re getting married it’s a whole new ball game. His little girl is all grown up, but she’ll always be his little girl no matter what. This might infuriate you at times but that special bond you have will always be there.

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2. She’s the most beautiful girl in the world

Your dad may not be the type that notices your new hair colour and he thinks you look great in pj’s, but he is sure to be blown away on you wedding day. It’s the dads you least expect to get emotional that shed a few tears when the see their daughters for the first time in her wedding dress. He’ll think you’re beyond gorgeous.

3. How time flies

He start reminiscing about the time you took your first steps or your first day at school. He might even be thinking about the day you were born and he held you in his arms. One things for certain he’ll be thinking about how quickly time flies and can’t quite believe how grown you are.

4. Who is paying for what?

This is probably not what you wish your dad to think on the day of the wedding. But dads are dads and they’ll most probably be calculating costs – what do you expect it’s their job to worry about the nitty gritty right?

5. He better take good care of her

It doesn’t matter how close your father and fiancé get or how chummy they are he’ll always have a few doubts in his head. Sure he’ll be so pleased to see you happy. He simply can’t help being protective of the most precious person in his life.

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6. I should probably work on my speech

Even if he’s the most organised person on the planet, more often than not he’ll be finalising his speech down to the last minute. But who doesn’t love a father of the bride’s speech? That perfect blend of dad jokes and sentiment.

7. Let’s dance!

After the stress of the ceremony and his grand toast, he’ll be ready to kick on his dancing shoes. But he’ll most probably thinking about the most special dance. He might not like the spotlight, but he is sure thinking about dancing with you, his probably holding back tears thinking about it.


Article written by Alison Donnellan

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