Pre-Wedding boudoir photography has become one of the most popular gifts for Brides to give to their Grooms on the morning of the Big Day. Not only will it give him something to treasure forever, but many Brides-to-Be comment on how empowering the entire experience is.

However, there are a few ‘need to knows’ before you head in for you own personal photoshoot, so we spoke with Adriana from DM Studios to get the biggest misconceptions and the most important ‘truths’ when it comes to Bridal boudoir photography.

1. You Don’t Have to Show Skin

Although beautiful lace lingerie is what boudoir photography is renowned for, you don’t actually have to strip done to your basics if you’re not comfortable. Some Brides prefer to wear an opulent robe or teddy, while others cover up their lingerie by donning their Wedding veil. The veil shots are a must, as they can spectacular.


2. You Can Go Nude

Adriana says that if her Brides-to-Be are comfortable doing nude shots, then it can lead to some dramatic, but tasteful images. Fairies, you’ve been working hard for your Bride body, why not show it off!? Regardless of whether you decide to ‘take it all off’, Adriana recommends arriving at the studio wearing loose clothes and no bra, so that you don’t have an marks on the skin once you start shooting.

3. The Hairy Question

Unless you’re keen to rock the 70s au natural style, it’s best to organise hair removal before your shoot. If you’re waxing, make sure your appointment is at least one week before the shoot so that any redness or irritation is gone by the time you’re ready to don the lingerie.

4. Put Down the Fake Tan

This one is surprising, but Adriana assures us that fake tan can be your enemy when it comes to boudoir photography. A spray tan can give you an orange glow in the photoshoots, so there’s really no need to get one. If you’re really concerned that your skin is too pale, put a light coat of tan on five days before the shoot, so that by the time you’re getting the photos, it’s settled down to a natural bronze.


5. You Don’t Have to Bring Your Girl Squad

Adriana says, “Although most girls come on their own and have a fun and empowering experience, I have found that some girls have benefited from having a girlfriend or even their mother with them. I’d encourage Brides to bring their bestie to enjoy the experience <and the champagne> with them; if it makes you more relaxed, that’s how we get the best shots!”

6. Don’t Gorge on Chips

This may be obvious, but for the 24hours before your shoot, steer clear of eating salty and carb-heavy foods like potato chips, burgers, pizza and pasta. Sodium will make you retain water and will leave you looking bloated before your shoot, which is the last thing you need when you’re about to strip off!

7. Girlie Issues

It’s best to organise the lingerie shoot around your menstrual cycle. Not only can you feel bloated and hormonal when you’ve got your period, but you’ll be less likely to feel comfortable getting into your smalls.


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