7 things a bridesmaid should never do

We always talk about the Bridesmaids tasks, but we rarely discuss the biggest Bridesmaid sins. It can be a tough job being a ‘Maid, but here are the seven things you absolutely should not be doing.

1. Complain About The Gown

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding this one, because so many articles tell you that’s it’s about pleasing both the Bride and the Bridesmaid. We strongly believe that if the Bride is paying for the gown, the Bride gets to choose. It’s the Bride’s day and if you’re privileged enough to be asked to be her ‘Maid, be honoured and wear whatever she wants.

2. Take Sides

In the lead-up to the Big Day, it’s likely that the Bride will have conflict with someone in the family or Bridal party. When this happens, be her support and #1 listener, but don’t take sides and speak poorly of other Bridesmaids or her family; it’s likely that they’ll resolve their issues eventually.

3. Order a Too Small Gown

We’ve all been guilty of buying the dress that’s a size too small because ‘I’ll definitely lose weight by the Wedding’. For a Bridesmaid, it’s too much of a risk. Get the gown in your current size and if worse comes to worst, have it altered before the Big Day.

1Image from Lilian and Shunt’s wedding. Photography by Christopher George Photography 

4. Plan Your Own Dream Bachelorette Party

This is one of the most common mistakes that Bridesmaids make. Ask the Bride questions about what she’d like for her Bachelorette party and stick to her requests – if she doesn’t want strippers, don’t get them.

5. Wedding Day Whinging

It doesn’t matter if your makeup is wrong or the food tastes awful, on the Wedding Day, you need to be a support to the Bride – so no whinging! If you’ve noticed it, it’s most likely that the Bride has noticed it too, so be as positive as possible and help keep her calm.

6. Drink Too Much

A few glasses of champagne on the Wedding Day is totally fine – in fact, it’s a necessity! However, watch your alcohol intake and keep it classy.

7. Kiss the Groomsmen

This one’s debatable; but if you think there might be a budding romance between you and one of the Groomsmen, make sure you ask the Bride for her permission first.

Main image from Kristin and Ralph’s wedding. Photography by Ricky Restiano 

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