Whether you’ve been ‘going steady’ for one year or 10, there comes a moment when you realise that marriage is the next step for you both.

Are you ready to ‘take the plunge’? If you recognize these seven signs, then it might be time to say ‘I do’.

1. You Don’t Miss Being Single

You love hearing all the gossip from your friends about their blind dates and nights out on the town, but you honestly don’t miss being in their position. Although it might be fun to hear about, you’d much rather eat pizza on the couch with your beau, than head out to a fancy restaurant with a stranger.2

Image from Georgia and Anthony’s wedding. Photography by GM Photographics.

2. You Accidently Plan Everything With Your Partner In Mind

When you plan things for the future, you automatically include your man. From where you’re going to holiday next year to what you’re future babies will look like. If you unconsciously have your boyfriend in all of your hopes and dreams for the rest of your life it’s a sign.

3. You Trust Them

He has night out with the boys and you know it involves bars and drinks, but you’re not worried. When you reach this level of trust with your other half, it’s a sign that marriage is for you.1

Image from Laureen and Ali’s wedding. Photography by NYC Films.

4. You Get Butterflies

Even if you’ve been together for years, you still get excited to see him. Those butterflies that create havoc in your stomach isn’t a sign to be taken lightly.

5. Joint Accounts

Joining forces (financially) is indeed one of the biggest steps you can make as a couple. Sharing your money opens up another level of trust between you and your partner, and if you’ve already got joint accounts or a home loan together, it means you’re comfortable enough to make some serious legal decisions together. Next step? Engagement ring city!

6 Nothing is a ‘Thing’

You know that moment when you realise you’ve got a weekend free? It’s either a feeling of pure joy, or serious disappoint. When you and your boyfriend get excited about ‘nothing’ nights (nights of doing nothing), it signals that you’re comfortable in each other’s company and don’t need gimmicks to keep you entertained.

7. You’ve Talked the Talk

For some, talking about marriage is just a natural progression of conversation. One day you’ll be talking about how you need to get that shower head fixed, and the next you’d be announcing your preferences for a small or large wedding. It’ll be subtle at first, but then become more then become obvious because you both can’t see yourself with anybody else.


Image from Ashliegh and Kieran’s wedding. Photography by Terralogical.

Main image from Stephanie and George’s wedding. Photography by Michal Kriesch.

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