7 quirky ways to include your pets in your Wedding day

We all know how much our pets mean to us. We love them just as much (and sometimes even more) than our families and friends!

So, it would be crazy not having them near you on your Wedding day, right? Here are seven ways you CAN guarantee your pet is not only by your side on your Wedding day, but actually has an important role.

1. Small Pet-Baby?

If you’re wondering ‘how on earth do I include my rabbit in my Wedding?’, then consider creating a small basket boutique and sitting your pet-baby inside. This will guarantee your small pet is with you every step of the way especially as you walk down the aisle.

5Image from mariannetaylorphotography.co.uk

2. Dog-of-Honour

If your dog or cat is your best friend, why not have him/her as part of your Bridal party? Your best dog or cat of honour will not only be at your ceremony, but will be standing by your side the whole time. Buy a little doggie bow tie or a flower lead and your furry friend will be the best (and cutest) looking guest

4Image from etsy.com

3. Horsing Around

If you’re a country girl at heart and love your horses, then arriving to the ceremony on horseback is a must. However, if you have other farm animals that you want to be part of your backdrop, just remember to make sure the venue which you have chosen is suited to your pet.

2Images from nosaraweddingsevents.com and landonjacobphotography.com

4. Photography Pooch

Ever wanted to take a glimpse into what your dog’s mind? Well why not create your wedding video based on your cat/ dogs view (take a look below)? It’s a cool and cost effective idea.

5. Ring Bearer

Give your dog some lessons on how to bring your rings down the aisle. Make sure you practice a few times before the Wedding and have some puppy treats close by on the Big Day to avoid any doggie disasters!

1Image from wideopenpets.com

6. Feathered Friends

If you have a trained bird (or owl), you could teach it to fly to the ceremony with the rings attached to its legs! Honestly, this will be a Wedding entrance that your guests will never forget.

7. Pre-Wedding Pictures

If your venue doesn’t allow pets at the Wedding, don’t fret; include your pets in your pre-Wedding photos instead! Organise a mini photo-shoot with them and have the pictures displayed at the reception.

3Images from etsy.com and parallel57.com

Main image from Melissa Avey Photography.

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