7 Natural, Effortless Bridal Hairstyles for Curly Hair 

When it comes to the bridal hairdo, there is no one style that fits all. Some opt for loose beach waves, some go for bejeweled ponytails, while others yet prefer straightened locks coiled into pristine buns. Just like all things related to a bride’s wedding look, it really boils down to the style that makes her look in the mirror and go, “Yes, this is 100% me.” 

For the curly-haired brides out there thinking of rocking the natural look on their big day, we’ve rounded up seven effortless pegs that’ll fully convince you to go sans the straightener. From updos fit for a queen to fuss-free styles you can DIY, you’ll surely find ways to rightfully flaunt your crowning glory.

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1. Graceful Updo with Cascading Ringlets 

Now here’s an updo that will let your hair breathe. Leave some face-framing tendrils and short strands around your neck. Add an intricate headpiece, and you’ll be resembling a classical goddess in no time.

bridal hairstyles for curly hair 1

Photo from instagram.com/torontobeautygroup

2. Invisible Crown Braid  

Take sections of hair as thick as your curl width, and lock in a messy bun with a crown braid that disappears into your tresses. This is the perfect option for brides who want to keep it simple yet princess-like. 

Photo from instagram.com/tarintaylorartistry 

3. Corkscrew Curls and Curtain Jewelry 

Coat your hair with your favorite curling product, dry it with a trusty diffuser, don ethereal dangling hair accessories, and voilà. The effect is whimsical and youthful—a match made in heaven for bohemian dresses. 

Photo from instagram.com/debbiecarlisle_

4. Thick Romantic Curls 

Exude timeless regality by wearing your hair down, and fastening loose side braids with an heirloom pin. Allow your natural texture to shine through: keep your tresses moisturized and lush, and skip gels that will stiffen the coils.  

Photo from instagram.com/alisboafotografia

5. Waterfall Side Part and Celestial Accessories 

Create a deep side part and gather a thick section of hair over your shoulder. Adorn the upswept side with dreamy hair jewelry of your choosing. This asymmetrical hairstyle will best suit one-shouldered gowns as it distributes the visual weight. 

Photo from instagram.com/solunah.bride 

6. Loose Curls and Low Half-Pony 

For a laid-back garden wedding, you could wear your hair in loose, downy curls. Stick to an everyday middle part and low half-pony with slight teasing on the top portion. This relaxed style will be further enhanced by subtle highlights, which will give the hair more depth and contrast. 

bridal hairstyles for curly hair 10

Photo from instagram.com/styledby.sophie 

7. Sleek Front and a Princess Crown 

If you’re into sleek, clean styles but also want to preserve your natural mane, we’re here to tell you that you can do both. Straighten the two front sections of your hair and seal the ends behind your ears, forming a flawless headband effect. To make sure it will not budge throughout the day, you can take an elastic and tie the ends together, hiding the resulting tail under the rest of your hair. Next, don a flat headpiece and position it where the straightened hair transitions into the curls. 

bridal hairstyles for curly hair 11

Photo from instagram.com/curlsandpurpose

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